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1Jun-2007Utility of urine drug screening: a clinical auditMurnion, Bridin Granot, R.Day, R.O.
2Dec-2019Unique approach to continuing medical education in clinical pharmacology across Australia and New ZealandMurnion, Bridin Athavale, A.
3Nov-2018Understanding an emerging treatment population: Protocol for and baseline characteristics of a prospective cohort of people receiving treatment for pharmaceutical opioid dependenceMurnion, Bridin Nielsen, S.Lintzeris, N.Degenhardt, L.Bruno, R.Haber, P.Johnson, J.Hardy, M.Ling, S.Saddler, C.Dunlop, A.Demirkol, A.Silsbury, C.Phung, N.Houseman, J.Larance, B.
4Jan-2016Treating codeine dependence with buprenorphine: Dose requirements and induction outcomes from a retrospective case series in New South Wales, AustraliaMurnion, Bridin Nielsen, S.Bruno, R.Dunlop, A.Degenhardt, L.Demirkol, A.Muhleisen, P.Lintzeris, N.
52022Transferring patients from high-dose methadone to buprenorphine: A retrospective case seriesForan, AliciaTremonti, ChrisBalgobind, VikashSakr, Hani Murnion, Bridin 
6Apr-2011Training in addiction medicine in AustraliaMurnion, Bridin Haber, P.S.
7Jan-2007Targeted pharmacotherapy of evoked phenomena in neuropathic pain: a review of the current evidenceMurnion, Bridin Granot, R.Day, R.O.Cohen, M.L.Garrick, R.
8Jul-2017Supporting the Aboriginal alcohol and other drug workforce in New South Wales, AustraliaElla, Stephen Lee, K.S.K.Freeburn, B.Wilson, S.Harrison, K.McEwan, M.Conigrave, K. M.
914-Jul-2023Substance use, socio-demographic characteristics, and self-rated health of people seeking alcohol and other drug treatment in New South Wales: baseline findings from a cohort studyBlack, EmmaBruno, RaimondoMammen, KristieMills, LlewellynSiefried, Krista JDeacon, Rachel MShakeshaft, AnthonyDunlop, Adrian JEzard, NadineMontebello, MarkChilds, Steven Reid, DavidHolmes, JenniferLintzeris, Nicholas
10Aug-2019Routine opioid outcome monitoring in community pharmacy: Pilot implementation study protocolMurnion, Bridin Neilsen, S.Kowalski, M.Wood, P.Larney, S.Bruno, R.Shanahan, M.Lenton, S.Dietze, P.Green, T.Ritter, A.
11Jan-2021Recurrent Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Associated with Opioid Withdrawal During Buprenorphine InductionMurnion, Bridin Clark, D.Jamshidi, N.
12Oct-2017Randomised controlled trial (RCT) of daily aerobic exercise for inpatient cannabis withdrawal: A study protocolMurnion, Bridin Allsop, D.J.Rooney, K.Arnold, J.C.Bhardwaj, A.K.Bruno, R.Bartlett, D.J.Montebello, M.Arkell, T.Richards, E.Gugusheff, J.
13Oct-2017QT interval prolongation in opioid agonist treatment: analysis of continuous 12-lead electrocardiogram recordingsGill, Anthony J Isbister, G.K.Brown, A.L.Scott, A.J.Calver, L.Dunlop, A.J.
14Jan-2010Prescription and administration of opioids to hospital in-patients, and barriers to effective useMurnion, Bridin Gnjidic, D.Hilmer, S.N.
15Jul-2015Pregabalin to treat ciguatera fish poisoningMurnion, Bridin Brett, J.
16Feb-2018Perceived stigma and social support in treatment for pharmaceutical opioid dependenceMurnion, Bridin Cooper, S.Campbell, G.Larance, B.Nielsen, S.
17Jul-2021Patient characteristics predicting attendance for elective in-patient treatment of substance use disorderMurnion, Bridin Dhaliwal, Anupreet Alsop, Julian 
18Aug-2017Opioid-Sparing Effect of Cannabinoids: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisMurnion, Bridin Nielsen, S.Sabioni, P.Trigo, J.M.Ware, M.A.Betz-Stablein, B.D.Lintzeris, N.Khor, K.E.Farrell, M.Smith, A.Le Foll, B.
19Jun-2018Neuropathic pain: current definition and review of drug treatmentMurnion, Bridin 
20Dec-2015Medicinal cannabisMurnion, Bridin 
21Mar-2012Management of opioid substitution therapy during medical interventionMurnion, Bridin 
22Oct-2009Management of injecting drug users admitted to hospitalMurnion, Bridin Haber, P.S.Demirkol, A.Lange, K.
23Oct-2015Management of benzodiazepine misuse and dependenceMurnion, Bridin Brett, J.
24Mar-2018A man using codeine long term for foot pain: alternative pain management and opioid cessationMurnion, Bridin 
25Jun-2019Inpatient management of gamma-hydroxybutyrate withdrawalMurnion, Bridin Cappetta, M.
26Dec-2021Implementation of a Multi-Modal Training Program for the Management of Comorbid Mental Disorders in Drug and Alcohol Settings: Pathways to Comorbidity Care (PCC)Childs, Steven Louie, E.Morley, K.C.Giannopoulos, V.Uribe, G.Wood, K.Marel, C.Mills, K.L.Teesson, M.Edwards, M.Rogers, D.Dunlop, A.Baillie, A.Haber, P.S.
278-Jul-2023Identifying thresholds for clinically meaningful change among clients of drug and alcohol services using the Australian Treatment Outcomes ProfileDeacon, Rachel MMills, LlewellynBruno, RaimondoMammen, KristieDunlop, AdrianChilds, Steven Shakeshaft, AnthonyHolmes, JenniferLintzeris, Nicholas
28Jun-2011Hepatotoxicity of therapeutic short-course paracetamol in hospital inpatients: impact of ageing and frailtyMurnion, Bridin Mitchell, S.J.Hilmer, S.N.Matthews, S.
2916-Dec-2022Health and social characteristics of clients reporting amphetamine type substance use at entry to public alcohol and other drug services in New South Wales, Australia, 2016-2019Black, EmmaMammen, KristieDeacon, Rachel MEzard, NadineMills, LlewellynDunlop, Adrian JMontebello, MarkReid, DavidChilds, Steven Bruno, RaimondoShakeshaft, AnthonySiefried, Krista JFarrell, MichaelHolmes, JenniferLintzeris, Nicholas
305-Oct-2022Geographical variation in implementation of the Pathways to Comorbidity Care program in Australian drug and alcohol servicesLouie, EvaGiannopoulos, VickiUribe, GabrielaWood, KatieTeesson, MareeChilds, Steven Baillie, AndrewHaber, Paul SMorley, Kirsten C
31Dec-2003General practitioners’ diagnostic skills and referral practices in managing patients with drug and alcohol-related health problems: Implications for medical training and education programmesMurnion, Bridin Fucito, L.Gomes, B.Haber, P.
321993Excitation and inhibition of rat medial vestibular nucleus neurones by 5-hydroxytryptamineMurnion, Bridin Johnston, A.R.McQueen, D.S.Dutia, M.B.
33Oct-2009Examination of opioid prescribing in Australia from 1992 to 2007Murnion, Bridin Leong, M.Haber, P.S.
34Mar-2022The Effectiveness of Exercise as an Adjunct Intervention to Improve Quality of Life and Mood in Substance Use Disorder: A Systematic ReviewMurnion, Bridin Dowla, R.Sinmaz, H.Mavros, Y.Cayanan, E.Rooney, K.
35Oct-2020The effect of daily aerobic cycling exercise on sleep quality during inpatient cannabis withdrawal: A randomised controlled trialMurnion, Bridin McCartney, D.Isik, A.D.Rooney, K.Arnold, J.C.Bartlett, D.J.Richards, E.Arkell, T.Lintzeris, N.McGregor, I.S.
36Apr-2021Do gabapentin or pregabalin directly modulate the µ receptor?Murnion, Bridin Manandhar, P.Grimsey, N.L.Connor, M.Santiago, M.
37Sep-2013Correlates of pain in an in-treatment sample of opioid-dependent peopleMurnion, Bridin Nielsen, S.Larance, B.Lintzeris, N.Black, E.Bruno, R.Dunlop, A.Degenhardt, L.
38Apr-2015Compliance with paracetamol prescribing policies at a Sydney HospitalMurnion, Bridin Mitchell, S.J.Matthews, S.T.Hilmer, S.N.
39May-2015Comparing treatment-seeking codeine users and strong opioid users: Findings from a novel case seriesMurnion, Bridin Nielsen, S.Dunlop, A.Degenhardt, L.Demirkol, A.Muhleisen, P.Lintzeris, N.
40Aug-2010Combination analgesics in adultsMurnion, Bridin 
41Oct-2018Cannabis and cannabinoids for the treatment of people with chronic noncancer pain conditions: a systematic review and meta-analysis of controlled and observational studiesMurnion, Bridin Stockings, E.Campbell, G.Hall, W.D.Nielsen, S.Zagic, D.Rahman, R.Farrell, M.Weier, M.Degenhardt, L.
42Jan-2019Cannabinoids for the treatment of spasticityMurnion, Bridin Nielsen, S.Campbell, G.Young, H.Hall, W.
432021Buprenorphine not detected on urine drug screening in supervised treatmentMurnion, Bridin Jamshidi, N.Athavale, A.
44Dec-2009The assessment of frailty in older people in acute careMurnion, Bridin Hilmer, S.N.Perera, V.Mitchell, S.Dent, J.Bajorek, B.Matthews, S.Rolfson, D.B.
45Nov-2008Age and opioid analgesia in an acute hospital populationMurnion, Bridin Gnjidic, D.Hilmer, S.N.
46Aug-2019Acute Experimental Pain Responses in Methadone- and Buprenorphine/Naloxone-Maintained Patients Administered Additional Opioid or Gabapentin: A Double-Blind Crossover Pilot StudyMurnion, Bridin Rivas, C.Demirkol, A.Hayes, V.Lintzeris, N.Nielsen, S.