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1Feb-2014Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for relieving acute pain in the prehospital setting: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized-controlled trialsSimpson, Paul M Fouche, P.F.Thomas, R.E.
2Jun-2014Skate park injury: A new mechanism of sternoclavicular joint dislocationQuinn, David 
321-Jul-2022Improving the visibility and communication of treatment escalation plans in Somerset NHS foundation trustKing, OliverColeman, EmilyEvans, Alice Richards, JamesHughes, ElinAcquah, LydiaParsons, HelenMorrison, Jo
4Aug-2017Imaging in traumatic mandibular fracturesNaeem, Adil Gemal, Hugo Reed, Duncan 
5Jan-2018Ideal Cricoid Pressure Is Biomechanically Impossible During LaryngoscopyTrethewy, Christopher Doherty, S.R.Burrows, J.M.Clausen, D.
6Jan-2003First-aid management of minor burns in children: a prospective study of children presenting to the Children's Hospital at Westmead, SydneyMcCormack, Rebecca A La Hei, E.R.Martin, H.C.O.
77-Nov-2022EVESTA: Emergency VESTibular Algorithm and its impact on the acute management of benign paroxysmal positional vertigoNeely, Prue Patel, Hemal McTaggart, JohnBright, StephenWellings, Tom
8Nov-2021Does compassion matter in the fast-paced environment of emergency medicine?Scott, John 
9Nov-2020Case series and review of emergency front-of-neck surgical airways from The Australian and New Zealand Emergency Department Airway RegistryRichards, Clare Alkhouri, H.Richards, C.Miers, J.Frogg, T.McCarthy, S.
102020Assessment of Management Delays Attributable to Screening for Renal Impairment Using Laboratory Serum Creatinine for Low Renal Risk ED Patients Undergoing IV Contrast CTHanson, Julian Trethewy, Christopher Schulze, Morgan 
11Feb-2024Assessment and management of older patients with abdominal pain in the emergency departmentBrooks, DanielSmiles, John PMurphy, Andrew P Cowan, TimothySoeyland, TorgrimHullick, CaroylnArendts, Glenn
12Oct-2015Assessing the damage control resuscitation: development, drivers and directionQuinn, David Frith, D.
13Oct-2013Airways in out of hospital cardiac arrest: systematic review and meta-analysisBendall, Jason C Fouche, P.F.Simpson, P.M.Thomas, R.E.Cone, D.C.Doi, S.A.

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