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1Dec-2021Use of long term aprepitant as a treatment for refractory nausea following oesophageal stent insertion - a case reportShoulder, Richard Stiel, Hilary Taylor, J.
228-Sep-2023Subcutaneous Tranexamic Acid at the End of Life in a Patient With Hereditary Hemorrhagic TelangiectasiaArndt, Grace Wai, RonaldStiel, Hilary 
3Jan-2017Role of Ketamine and Methadone as Adjunctive Therapy in Complex Pain Management: A Case Report and Literature ReviewJacques, Judith Faisal, Wasek
4May-2022Patient and carer experiences of pain care in an Australian regional comprehensive cancer care setting: a qualitative studyRead, Alison Luckett, T.Hosie, A.Edwards, L.Phillips, J.Agar, M.Lovell, M.
52013Pain relief at the end of lifeTai, Vicki Lovell, M.
6Jun-2017Olanzapine induced delirium - a "probable" adverse drug reactionMacKintosh, David 
7Sep-2014A Mixed Methodology Retrospective Analysis of the Learning Experience of Final Year Medical Students Attached to a 1-week Intensive Palliative Care Course Based at an Australian UniversityTai, Vicki Cameron-Taylor, Erica Clark, Katherine 
8Oct-2015Get the facts right: time for evidence-based ethicsMacKintosh, David 
9Aug-2015Demise of the LCP: villain or scapegoat?MacKintosh, David 
10May-2014Death as "harm" when it is an anticipated outcome in palliative care - or anywhereMacKintosh, David 
11Mar-2020Clonidine for the Management of Refractory Distressing Hallucinations, a Case ReportStiel, Hilary Jacques, Judith Thomas, Benjamin
122016A case report on the use of oral thiamine in a palliative care patient in the management of peripheral edema in a community setting in New South Wales, AustraliaTai, Vicki 
132-Feb-2017Advanced care directive documentation: issues for clinicians in New South WalesFriedewald, Mark Cleasby, Peter A 

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