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1Jun-2023Weight loss versus continuous positive airway pressure therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea on metabolic profile stratified by craniofacial restriction: abridged secondary publicationWoo, JCistuilli, PLee, R W W Wong, J K THui, D S CNg, S S S
2Feb-2018Post-Stroke Sleep-Disordered Breathing—Pathophysiology and Therapy OptionsTomazini Martins, Rodrigo Stevens, D.Mukherjee, S.Vakulin, A.
3Jan-2017Physician decision making and clinical outcomes with laboratory polysomnography or limited channel sleep studies for obstructive sleep apnea: a randomized trialRatnavadivel, Rajeev Chai-Coetzer, C.L.Antic, N.A.Hamilton, G.S.McArdle, N.Wong, K.Yee, B.J.Yeo, A.Naughton, M.T.Roebuck, T.Woodman, R.McEvoy, R.D.
4Dec-2019Magnesium supplementation for the treatment of restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder: A systematic reviewRatnavadivel, Rajeev Marshall, N.S.Serinel, Y.Killick, R.Child, J.M.Raisin, I.Berry, C.Lallukka, T.Wassing, R.Lee, R.W.Vedam, H.Grunstein, R.Wong, K.K.Hoyos, C.M.Cayanan, E.A.Comas, M.Chapman, J.L.Yee, B.J.
5Jul-2006Long-acting beta2-agonists for poorly reversible chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseChan, Matthew M K Appleton, S.Poole, P.Smith, B.Veale, A.Lasserson, T.J.
6Jul-2008Gas exchange in stable patients with moderate-to-severe lung disease from cystic fibrosisSoni, Rajeev Dobbin, C.J.Milross, M.A.Young, I.H.Bye, P.P.
7May-2014Facial phenotyping by quantitative photography reflects craniofacial morphology measured on magnetic resonance imaging in Icelandic sleep apnea patientsLee, Richard W Sutherland, K.Schwab, R.J.Maislin, G.Benedikstdsottir, B.Pack, A.I.Gislason, T.Juliusson, S.Cistulli, P.A.
8Jul-2020Exposure to potting soils and compost material as potential sources of Legionella pneumophilia in AustraliaLoh, Chee H Soni, Rajeev 
9Aug-2018Effects of morphine on respiratory load detection, load magnitude perception, and tactile sensation in obstructive sleep apneaTomazini Martins, Rodrigo Carberry, J.C.Gandevia, S.C.Butler, J.E.Eckert, D.J.
10Mar-2022Effect of Weight Loss and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure on Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Metabolic Profile Stratified by Craniofacial Phenotype: A Randomized Clinical TrialLee, Richard W Ng, S.S.S.Tam, W.W.S.Chan, T.O.Yiu, K.Yuen, B.T.Y.Wong, K.T.Woo, J.Ma, R.C.W.Chan, K.K.P.Ko, F.W.S.Cistulli, P.A.Hui, D.S.
11Jul-2017Differences in respiratory arousal threshold in Caucasian and Chinese patients with obstructive sleep apnoeaLee, Richard W Sutherland, K.Sands, S.A.Chan, T.O.Edwards, B.A.S S Ng, S.Hui, D.S.Cistulli, P.A.
12Apr-2019Delayed diagnosis of right-sided valve endocarditis causing recurrent pulmonary abscesses: a case reportBamford, Paul Soni, Rajeev Kull, Anthony Bassin, L.
13Jul-2018Craniofacial Phenotyping in Chinese and Caucasian Patients With Sleep Apnea: Influence of Ethnicity and SexLee, Richard W Sutherland, K.Chan, T.O.Ng, S.Hui, D.S.Cistulli, P.A.
14Aug-2016Craniofacial phenotyping for prediction of obstructive sleep apnoea in a Chinese populationLee, Richard W Sutherland, K.Petocz, P.Chan, T.O.Ng, S.Hui, D.S.Cistulli, P.A.