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Amanda Dawson
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Dawson, Amanda
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1Feb-2024The effect of hospital volunteering on empathy in nursing and medical studentsBarker, Mary-Ellen King, Jennie Mitchell, Brett Dawson, Amanda Crowfoot, Gary
2Oct-2020Fake news and fake research: Why meta-research matters more than everMcGee, Richard G Dawson, Amanda 
3Aug-2019An immersive orientation programme to improve medical student integration and well-beingShort, Brooke David, Michael Ryall, Mary-Ann Dawson, Amanda Lambeth, LouisePahalawatta, U.
4Jan-2019The student experience of clinical supervision across health disciplines – Perspectives and remedies to enhance clinical placementDawson, Amanda O'Brien, A.McNeil, K.
5Nov-2007Common activation of canonical Wnt signaling in pancreatic adenocarcinomaDawson, Amanda Pasca di Magliano, M.Biankin, A.V.Heiser, P.W.Cano, D.A.Gutierrez, P.J.Deramaudt, T.Segara, D.Kench, J.G.Henshall, S.M.Sutherland, R.L.Dlugosz, A.Rustgi, A.K.Hebrok, M.
6May-2005Expression of HOXB2, a retinoic acid signaling target in pancreatic cancer and pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasiaDawson, Amanda Segara, D.Biankin, A.V.Kench, J.G.Langusch, C.C.Skalicky, D.A.Gotley, D.C.Coleman, M.J.Sutherland, R.L.Henshall, S.M.
7Apr-2005Does routine intraoperative cholangiography prevent bile duct transection?Dawson, Amanda Debru, E.Leibman, S.Richardson, M.Glen, L.Hollinshead, J.Falk, G.L.