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Virginia Skinner
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Skinner, Virginia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2017Midwives' personal use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) influences their recommendations to women experiencing a post-date pregnancyMollart, Lyndall ; Skinner, Virginia 
2May-2016A feasibility randomised controlled trial of acupressure to assist spontaneous labour for primigravid women experiencing a post-date pregnancyMollart, Lyndall ; Skinner, Virginia 
3Mar-2013Factors that may Influence Midwives Work-Related Stress and BurnoutMollart, Lyndall ; Skinner, Virginia ; Newing, Carol ; Foureur, M.
4Mar-2013Vitamin C-Related Nutrient-Nutrient and Nutrient-Gene Interactions that Modify Folate StatusLucock, M.; Yates, Z.; Boyd, Lyndell ; Naylor, Charlotte ; Choi, Jeong-Hwa ; Ng, Xiaowei ; Skinner, Virginia ; Wai, Ron ; Kho, Jeremy ; Tang, S.; Roach, Paul ; Veysey, Martin 
5Aug-2011TAS2R38 Bitter Taste Genetics, Dietary Vitamin C, and Both Natural and Synthetic Dietary Folic Acid Predict Folate Status, A Key Micronutrient in the Pathoaetiology of Adenomatous PolypsLucock, M.; Ng, Xiaowei ; Boyd, Lyndell ; Skinner, Virginia ; Wai, Ron ; Tang, S.; Naylor, Charlotte ; Yates, Z.; Choi, Jeong-Hwa ; Roach, Paul ; Veysey, Martin 
6Nov-2009Interferon Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C: A Family Impact StudyBlacklaws, Helen ; Veysey, Heather ; Skinner, Virginia ; Reid, Rachel S ; Hawken, Glenn ; Veysey, Martin 
7Jun-2007The development of a tool to assess levels of stress and burnoutSkinner, Virginia ; Lee-White, Trish