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Peta Ellen Tehan
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Tehan, Peta Ellen
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18-May-2024Oral care practices and hospital-acquired pneumonia prevention: A national survey of Australian nursesTehan, Peta Ellen Browne, Katrina Matterson, GeorgiaCheng, Allen CDawson, SonjaGraves, NicholasJohnson, DouglasKiernan, MartinMadhuvu, AuxilliaMarshall, CarolineMcDonagh, JuleeNorthcote, MariaO'Connor, JayneOrr, LizRawson, HelenRusso, PhilipSim, JennyStewardson, Andrew JWallace, JanetWhite, NicoleWilson, RhondaMitchell, Brett 
222-Feb-2023A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of improving the cleaning and disinfection of shared medical equipment on healthcare-associated infections: the CLEaning and Enhanced disiNfection (CLEEN) studyBrowne, Katrina White, NicoleTehan, Peta Ellen Russo, Philip LAmin, Maham Stewardson, Andrew JCheng, Allen CGraham, Kirsty O'Kane, Gabrielle M King, Jennie Kiernan, MartinBrain, DavidMitchell, Brett 
31-Sep-2022Factors influencing diabetes-related foot ulcer healing in Australian adults: A prospective cohort studyTehan, Peta Ellen Burrows, TracyHawes, Morgan BrianLinton, Clare Norbury, Kate Peterson, BenjaminWalsh, AnnieWhite, DianeChuter, Vivienne Helaine
4Jan-2021Nature and extent of outpatient podiatry service utilisation in people with diabetes undergoing minor foot amputations: a retrospective clinical auditLinton, Clare Searle, Angela Hawke, Fiona Tehan, Peta Ellen Chuter, Vivienne