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Peta Ellen Tehan
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Tehan, Peta Ellen
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Feb-2023A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of improving the cleaning and disinfection of shared medical equipment on healthcare-associated infections: the CLEaning and Enhanced disiNfection (CLEEN) studyBrowne, Katrina; White, Nicole; Tehan, Peta Ellen ; Russo, Philip L; Amin, Maham ; Stewardson, Andrew J; Cheng, Allen C; Graham, Kirsty ; O'Kane, Gabrielle M ; King, Jennie ; Kiernan, Martin; Brain, David; Mitchell, Brett 
21-Sep-2022Factors influencing diabetes-related foot ulcer healing in Australian adults: A prospective cohort studyTehan, Peta Ellen ; Burrows, Tracy; Hawes, Morgan Brian; Linton, Clare ; Norbury, Kate ; Peterson, Benjamin; Walsh, Annie; White, Diane; Chuter, Vivienne Helaine
3Jan-2021Nature and extent of outpatient podiatry service utilisation in people with diabetes undergoing minor foot amputations: a retrospective clinical auditLinton, Clare ; Searle, Angela ; Hawke, Fiona ; Tehan, Peta Ellen ; Chuter, Vivienne