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Title: Conference in Hospital Scheme Call
Authors: Newcastle Morning Herald
Issue Date: 5-Jun-1967
Abstract: Article regarding Gosford District Hospital in Newcastle Morning Herald, Monday 5th June 1967. "Conference in Hospital Scheme Call". No Image.
Description: "Conference in Hospital Scheme Call" details the East Zone Regional Conference of the Hospitals Association of N.S.W. Mr. Tyacke, Director of Gosford Hospital, moved that the Hospitals Association of N.S.W. take the lead in a campaign to introduce a national hospital scheme and prepare a report on the costs of such a campaign. The motion was seconded by Mrs. M. Westawellar, a board member of Gosford Hospital, was carried. Mr. H. Sheedy from Western Suburbs Hospital moved that the Minister for Health Mr. H. Jago be asked to report on precautions being taken to prevent the introduction of small pox into Australia. Mr. Bates and Mr. Scanlon moved that representations be made to the N.S.W. Nurses Registration Board for decentralisation of candidates sitting their final examinations as it was costing money for nurses to stay in examination centres for the two day courses. The President of the Hospitals' Association Mr. D. O'Connor told the conference the hospitals' executive was spending a lot of time and money on awards.
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Subject: Newspaper Articles;Gosford District Hospital
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