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Jan-2022Thirsty? Choose Water! Encouraging Secondary School Students to choose water over sugary drinks. A descriptive analysis of intervention componentsLewis, Peter R Gowland-Ella, Justine Kajons, Nicole Kingon, Nina David, M.Trinh, K.Louis, D.
Oct-2021Increasing ICU capacity to accommodate higher demand during the COVID-19 pandemicKelly, Sean L Litton, E.Huckson, S.Chavan, S.Bucci, T.Holley, A.McGloughlin, S.Everest, E.Millar, J.Nguyen, N.Nicholls, M.Secombe, P.Pilcher, D.
11-Sep-2021Burden of cardiovascular diseases in older adults using aged care servicesLewis, Peter R Hsu, B.Korda, R.Naganathan, V.Ooi, S. Y.Brieger, D.Jorm, L.
Aug-2021Exploring experiences and perceptions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples readmitted to hospital with chronic disease in New South Wales, Australia: a qualitative studyElla, Stephen Jayakody, A.Carey, M.Bryant, J.Hussein, P.Warren, E.Bacon, S.Field, B.Sanson-Fisher, R.
Jun-2021A Multicomponent mHealth-Based Intervention (SWAP IT) to Decrease the Consumption of Discretionary Foods Packed in School Lunchboxes: Type I Effectiveness-Implementation Hybrid Cluster Randomized Controlled TrialEvans, Nicole Sutherland, R.Brown, A.Nathan, N.Yoong, S.Janssen, L.Chooi, A.Hudson, N.Wiggers, J.Kerr, N.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Davies, M.Reilly, K.Cohen, B.Wolfenden, L.
Jun-2021Assessing the responses of smokers to requests to stop smoking on hospital groundsGiles, Luke Batchelor, Samantha Bauer, Lyndon 
Mar-2021Embedding an economist in regional and rural health services to add value and reduce waste by improving local-level decision-making: protocol for the 'embedded Economist' program and evaluationGoodwin, Nicholas Searles, A.Piper, D.Jorm, C.Reeves, P.Gleeson, M.Karnon, J.Lawson, K.Iedema, R.Gray, J.
Jun-2021Utilisation, access and recommendations regarding technologies for people living with type 1 diabetes: consensus statement of the ADS/ADEA/APEG/ADIPS Working GroupFenton, Brett Pease, A.J.Andrikopoulos, S.Abraham, M.B.Craig, M.E.Overland, J.Price, S.Simmons, D.Ross, G.P.
May-2021"Slow science" for 21st century healthcare: reinventing health service research that serves fast-paced, high-complexity care organisationsGoodwin, Nicholas Jorm, C.Iedema, R.Piper, D.Searles, A.
Nov-2020COVID-19 in Australia: Our national response to the first cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection during the early biocontainment phaseRobertson, Mark Shaban, R.Z.Li, C.O'Sullivan, M.V.N.Gerrard, J.Stuart, R.Teh, J.Gilroy, N.Sorrell, T.C.White, E.Bag, S.Hackett, K.Chen, S.C.A.Kok, J.Dwyer, D.E.Iredell, J.R.Maddocks, S.Ferguson, P.Varshney, K.Carter, I.Barratt, R.Baskar, S.R.Friend, C.Robosa, R.S.Sotomayor-Castillo, C.Nahidi, S.Macbeth, D.A.Alcorn, K.A.D.Wattiaux, A.Moore, F.McMahon, J.Naughton, W.Korman, T.Catton, M.Kanapathipillai, R.Romanes, F.Rowe, E.Catford, J.Kennedy, B.Qiao, M.Shaw, D.
Nov-2020Frequent avoidable admissions amongst Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people with chronic conditions in New South Wales, Australia: a historical cohort studyElla, Stephen Jayakody, A.Oldmeadow, C.Carey, M.Bryant, J.Evans, T.Attia, J.Towle, S.Sanson-Fisher, R.
Oct-2020Fake news and fake research: Why meta-research matters more than everMcGee, Richard G Dawson, Amanda 
Aug-2020Using the Tailoring Immunization Programmes guide to improve child immunisation in Umina, New South Wales: we could still do betterMoore, Donna Gately, Colleen L Dixon, Andrew J Cook, Paul Lewis, Peter R Thomas, S.Bolsewicz, K.
Aug-2020Scale-up of the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) intervention in secondary schools: 12-month implementation outcomes from a cluster randomized controlled trialKajons, Nicole Sutherland, R.Campbell, E.McLaughlin, M.Nathan, N.Wolfenden, L.Lubans, D.R.Morgan, P.J.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Williams, M.Bailey, A.Boyer, J.Lecathelinais, C.Davies, L.McKenzie, T.Hollis, J.Wiggers, J.
Aug-2020Adaptation of public health initiatives: expert views on current guidance and opportunities to advance their application and benefitBatchelor, Samantha Yoong, S.L.Bolsewicz, K.Grady, A.Wyse, R.Sutherland, R.Hodder, R.K.Kingsland, M.Nathan, N.McCrabb, S.Bauman, A.Wiggers, L.Moullin, J.Albers, B.Fernandez, M.E.Hall, A.Sims-Gould, J.Taylor, N.Rissel, C.Milat, A.Bailey, A.Attia, J.Wolfenden, L.
Jun-2020Supporting visitor compliance with a smoke-free policy at hospital using a nicotine replacement therapy vending machineGiles, Luke Bauer, Lyndon 
Dec-2019Optimisation: defining and exploring a concept to enhance the impact of public health initiativesBatchelor, Samantha Wolfenden, L.Bolsewicz, K.Grady, A.McCrabb, S.Kingsland, M.Wiggers, J.Bauman, A.Wyse, R.Nathan, N.Sutherland, R.Hodder, R.K.Fernandez, M.Lewis, C.Taylor, N.McKay, H.Grimshaw, J.Hall, A.Moullin, J.Albers, B.Attia, J.Milat, A.Bailey, A.Rissel, C.Reeves, P.Sims-Gould, J.Mildon, R.Doran, C.Yoong, S.L.
Oct-2019Improving the accuracy of ACIR data and increasing vaccination ratesMiles, Tha├»s A Granger, Linda V Gately, Colleen L 
Nov-2019Protocol for an effectiveness- implementation hybrid trial to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an m-health intervention to decrease the consumption of discretionary foods packed in school lunchboxes: the 'SWAP IT' trialEvans, Nicole Sutherland, R.Brown, A.Nathan, N.Janssen, L.Reynolds, R.Walton, A.Hudson, N.Chooi, A.Yoong, S.Wiggers, J.Bailey, A.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Rissel, C.Davies, M.Reilly, K.Cohen, B.McCallum, T.Wolfenden, L.
Jan-2015The Dental Health of primary school children living in fluoridated, pre-fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities in New South Wales, AustraliaLewis, Peter R Blinkhorn, A.S.Byun, R.Johnson, G.Metha, P.Kay, Meredith
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 59