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Title: High efficacy and patient satisfaction with a nurse-led colorectal cancer surveillance programme with 10-year follow-up
Authors: Maloney, Jayson ;Partridge, C.;Delanty, S.;Lloyd, D.;Nguyen, M.H.
Affliation: Central Coast Local Health District
Gosford Hospital
Issue Date: Jul-2019
Source: 89(10):1286-1290
Journal title: Anz Journal of Surgery
Department: Colorectal Surgery
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Surveillance after colorectal cancer resection remains contentious, and faces several contemporary issues. Patient-centred care, intensive surveillance programmes and patient complexity increase the burden of surveillance on consultant-led clinics. Recent years have seen reshaping of nursing roles to meet healthcare demand. Nurse-led follow-up after colorectal cancer has been piloted, but not validated. We report outcomes from a nurse-led colorectal cancer surveillance clinic functioning in our institution since 2008, the longest term follow-up in the published literature. METHODS: Included patients were surveilled through the clinic from 2008 to 2018 by credentialled nurses who performed history, examination and investigations as per the local protocol. Demographic, tumour-related, outcome-related and patient satisfaction data were extracted from a prospectively maintained database. Primary outcomes were compliance with surveillance protocol and patient satisfaction. RESULTS: A total of 138 patients were included in the analysis. Mean time in surveillance was 25.4 months. Surveillance investigation protocol compliance was 97.4% overall. Five recurrences (3.6%) were detected during surveillance. In patients who developed recurrence, protocol compliance was 100%, and no clinical features of recurrence were newly found when patients were reviewed by a consultant surgeon. All recurrences during surveillance were detected by nursing staff. Response rate to the patient satisfaction survey was 90%. 96.3% of patients reported receiving adequate explanation regarding cancer surveillance and nurse-led care. 90.7% of patients rated the clinic as 'excellent' and 9.3% as 'good'. CONCLUSION: Our results show a high level of efficacy and patient satisfaction associated with a nurse-led colorectal cancer surveillance clinic over a prolonged time period, the longest in the published literature.
DOI: 10.1111/ans.15333
ISSN: 1445-1433
Publicaton type: Journal Article
Keywords: Cancer
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