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Title: Is Your Blood Worth Bottling?
Authors: Woy Woy Herald
Issue Date: 1-Mar-1967
Abstract: Article regarding Gosford District Hospital Blood Bank in Woy Woy Herald Newspaper, 1st March 1967. "Is Your Blood Worth Bottling?". No Image.
Description: "Is Your Blood Worth Bottling?" details the call for blood donations from the Woy Woy District. People between the ages of 18 to 60 are encouraged to attend the local doctors' surgeries for a sample of their blood taken for grouping purposes. Their name and details will be listed at Gosford District Hospital Blood Bank in cases of emergency. Pharmacy details are given for those involved with the blood donations. Sister Shirley Day, head of the Blood Bank says there are approximately 550 donors and though a great start, not a sufficient supply. The result of having the blood types on hand means that samples will no longer have to be sent down to Sydney for testing and the lives of patients could be saved without this delay.
Publicaton type: Memorabilia
Subject: Newspaper Articles;Gosford District Hospital;Blood Bank
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