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Matthew M K Chan
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Chan, Matthew M K
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1Oct-2020Platinum-containing regimens for triple-negative metastatic breast cancerChan, Matthew M K Egger, S.J.Luo, Q.Wilcken, N.
2May-2018Metastasis-specific patterns of response and progression with anti-PD-1 treatment in metastatic melanomaChan, Matthew M K Lee, J.H.J.Lyle, M.Menzies, A.M.Lo, S.Clements, A.Cabral, N.L.Kefford, R.F.Long, G.V.
3Aug-2017Dose individualization of sunitinib in metastatic renal cell cancer: toxicity-adjusted dose or therapeutic drug monitoringChan, Matthew M K Sabanathan, D.Zhang, A.Fox, P.Coulter, S.Gebski, V.Balakrishnar, B.Liddle, C.Gurney, H.
4Apr-2016sFRP2 in the aged microenvironment drives melanoma metastasis and therapy resistanceChan, Matthew M K Kaur, A.Webster, M.R.Marchbank, K.Behera, R.Ndoye, A.Kugel 3rd, C.H.Dang, V.M.Appleton, J.O'Connell, M.P.Cheng, P.Valiga, A.A.Morissette, R.McDonnell, N.B.Ferrucci, L.Kossenkov, A.V.Meeth, K.Tang, H.Y.Yin, X.Wood 3rd, W.H.Lehrmann, E.Becker, K.G.Flaherty, K.T.Frederick, D.T.Wargo, J.A.Cooper, Z.A.Tetzlaff, M.T.Hudgens, C.Aird, K.M.Zhang, R.Xu, X.Liu, Q.Bartlett, E.Karakousis, G.Eroglu, Z.Lo, R.S.Menzies, A.M.Long, G.V.Johnson, D.B.Sosman, J.Schilling, B.Schadendorf, D.Speicher, D.W.Bosenberg, M.Ribas, A.Weeraratna, A.T.
5Nov-2015A phase III randomized trial of adding topical nitroglycerin to first-line chemotherapy for advanced nonsmall-cell lung cancer: the Australasian lung cancer trials group NITRO trialChan, Matthew M K Davidson, A.Veillard, A.S.Hughes, B.G.Boyer, M.Briscoe, K.Begbie, S.Abdi, E.Crombie, C.Long, J.Boyce, A.Lewis, C.R.Varma, S.Broad, A.Muljadi, N.Chinchen, S.Espinoza, D.Coskinas, X.Pavlakis, N.Millward, M.Stockler, M.R.
6Nov-2015Clinicopathologic features associated with efficacy and long-term survival in metastatic melanoma patients treated with BRAF or combined BRAF and MEK inhibitorsChan, Matthew M K Menzies, A.M.Wilmott, J.S.Drummond, M.Lo, S.Lyle, M.Thompson, J.F.Guminski, A.Carlino, M.S.Scolyer, R.A.Kefford, R.F.Long, G.V.
7Oct-2015Ipilimumab-induced hypophysitis in melanoma patients: an Australian case seriesChan, Matthew M K Lam, T.Sweeting, A.N.De Sousa, S.M.Clements, A.Carlino, M.S.Long, G.V.Tonks, K.T.Chua, E.Kefford, R.F.Chipps, D.R.
8Sep-2015Clinical utility of ramucirumab in advanced gastric cancerChan, Matthew M K Sjoquist, K.M.Zalcberg, J.R.
9Jun-2015Taxane-containing regimens for metastatic breast cancerChan, Matthew M K Ghersi, D.Willson, M.L.Chan, M.M.Simes, J.Donoghue, E.
10Jan-2015Arthritis and tenosynovitis associated with the anti-PD1 antibody pembrolizumab in metastatic melanomaChan, Matthew M K Kefford, R.F.Carlino, M.Clements, A.Manolios, N.
11Oct-2014The nature and management of metastatic melanoma after progression on BRAF inhibitors: effects of extended BRAF inhibitionChan, Matthew M K Haydu, L.E.Menzies, A.M.Azer, M.W.Klein, O.Lyle, M.Clements, A.Guminski, A.Kefford, R.F.Long, G.V.
12Jul-2014Symptomatic Histologically Proven Necrosis of Brain following Stereotactic Radiation and Ipilimumab in Six Lesions in Four Melanoma PatientsChan, Matthew M K Du Four, S.Hong, A.Charakidis, M.Duerinck, J.Wilgenhof, S.Wang, W.Feng, L.Michotte, A.Okera, M.Shivalingam, B.Fogarty, G.Kefford, R.Neyns, B.
13Jul-2006Long-acting beta2-agonists for poorly reversible chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseChan, Matthew M K Appleton, S.Poole, P.Smith, B.Veale, A.Lasserson, T.J.