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Steven Childs
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Childs, Steven
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
116-Dec-2022Health and social characteristics of clients reporting amphetamine type substance use at entry to public alcohol and other drug services in New South Wales, Australia, 2016-2019Black, Emma; Mammen, Kristie; Deacon, Rachel M; Ezard, Nadine; Mills, Llewellyn; Dunlop, Adrian J; Montebello, Mark; Reid, David; Childs, Steven ; Bruno, Raimondo; Shakeshaft, Anthony; Siefried, Krista J; Farrell, Michael; Holmes, Jennifer; Lintzeris, Nicholas
25-Oct-2022Geographical variation in implementation of the Pathways to Comorbidity Care program in Australian drug and alcohol servicesLouie, Eva; Giannopoulos, Vicki; Uribe, Gabriela; Wood, Katie; Teesson, Maree; Childs, Steven ; Baillie, Andrew; Haber, Paul S; Morley, Kirsten C
3Dec-2021Implementation of a Multi-Modal Training Program for the Management of Comorbid Mental Disorders in Drug and Alcohol Settings: Pathways to Comorbidity Care (PCC)Childs, Steven