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Mark Friedewald
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Friedewald, Mark
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12-Feb-2017Advanced care directive documentation: issues for clinicians in New South WalesFriedewald, Mark Cleasby, Peter A 
2Feb-2016Beyond the patient zone: Improving hand hygiene performance in a Sterilising Services DepartmentTolson, Kerryanne Friedewald, Mark 
3May-2014Nurses’ Sharps, Including Needlestick, Injuries in Public and Private Healthcare Facilities in New South Wales, Australia.Guest, Maya Kable, Ashley K Boggess, May M Friedewald, Mark 
42008Discussion Forums for Expectant Fathers: The Perspectives of Male EducatorsFriedewald, Mark 
52007Facilitating Discussion Among Expectant Fathers: Is Anyone Interested?Friedewald, Mark 
62006Father-Time: Welcome to the Rest of Your LifeFriedewald, Mark Newing, Carol 
72005All-Male Discussion Forums for Expectant Fathers: Evaluation of a ModelFriedewald, Mark Fairbairn, H.B.Fletcher, R.
82003New Graduate Nurses and Infection Control: Knowledge Versus PracticeFriedewald, Mark Elwin, Carolyn 
9Dec-2001MRSA screening of nursing home, residents admitted to hospital on the NSW Central CoastFriedewald, Mark de Wit, D.
10Dec-2001MRSA in Nursing Homes on the NSW Central CoastFriedewald, Mark De Wit, Deo 
111993The development of performance indicators and a mentorship programme for the new nursing graduateDempsey, Jennifer Friedewald, Mark Elwin, Carolyn Wilkinson, P.Roe, S.