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Jonathan S Kam
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Kam, Jonathan S
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2020Quantifying the Effect of Location Matching on Accuracy of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging Prior to Prostate Biopsy—A Multicentre StudyLouie-Johnsun, Mark ; Kim, Raymond ; Yuminaga, Yuigi ; Kam, Jonathan S 
2May-2020Acute airway compromise and coagulopathy: a rare presentation of acquired haemophilia AHowden, William B ; Kam, Jonathan S ; Leith, Nicholas ; Shashinder, Singh 
3Feb-2019Evaluation of the accuracy of multiparametric MRI for predicting prostate cancer pathology and tumour staging in the real world: an multicentre studyKam, Jonathan S ; Yuminaga, Yuigi ; Louie-Johnsun, Mark 
4Jan-2019Chronic peritoneal inflammation and nodules masquerading as peritoneal carcinomatosis in Birt-Hogg-Dube syndromeKam, Jonathan S ; Yuminaga, Yuigi ; Louie-Johnsun, Mark 
5Sep-2018Does magnetic resonance imaging-guided biopsy improve prostate cancer detection? A comparison of systematic, cognitive fusion and ultrasound fusion prostate biopsyKam, Jonathan S ; Yuminaga, Yuigi ; Kim, Raymond ; Macneil, Finlay ; Ouyang, Rupert ; Ruthven, Stephen ; Louie-Johnsun, Mark 
6Nov-2017Multi-centre, prospective evaluation of the Seldinger technique for difficult male urethral catheter insertions by non-urology trained doctorsLouie-Johnsun, Mark ; Kam, Jonathan S ; Yuminaga, Yuigi 
7Nov-2016The use of portable video media vs standard verbal communication in the urological consent process: a multicentre, randomised controlled, crossover trialWinter, Matthew ; Kam, Jonathan S ; Hardy, Ellen ; Handmer, Marcus M ; Ainsworth, Hannah ; Lee, Wai Gin ; Louie-Johnsun, Mark 
8May-2016Portable video media versus standard verbal communication in surgical information delivery to nurses: a prospective multicenter, randomized controlled crossover trialKam, Jonathan S 
98-Apr-2016Red hot chilli pepper! Intralingual dermoid cyst: a rare cause of neck swellingKam, Jonathan S 
10Aug-2015Silent bladder perforationKam, Jonathan S 
112015Eating Disturbance in Frontotemporal DementiaKam, Jonathan S 
122015Rapidly growing massive pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma of the bladder presenting with bladder outlet obstructionKam, Jonathan S ; Louie-Johnsun, Mark 
133-Jun-2014Quantifying the eating abnormalities in frontotemporal dementiaKam, Jonathan S