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Karen A Myors
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Myors, Karen A
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2022Shining a light on practice: Introducing the new Child and Family Health Nursing Professional Practice Framework (2022)Myors, Karen A ; Stevenson, Julie
2Mar-2018'Modelling a Secure-Base' for Women with Complex Needs: Attachment-Based Interventions Used by Perinatal and Infant Mental Health CliniciansMyors, Karen A 
3Aug-2015A mixed methods study of collaboration between perinatal and infant mental health clinicians and other service providers: Do they sit in silos?Myors, Karen A 
4Jun-2015Engaging women at risk for poor perinatal mental health outcomes: a mixed-methods studyMyors, Karen A 
5May-2014'My special time': Australian women's experiences of accessing a specialist perinatal and infant mental health serviceMyors, Karen A 
6May-2014Therapeutic interventions in perinatal and infant mental health services: a mixed methods inquiryMyors, Karen A 
7Jan-2014Child and family health nurses working with families of preschool-aged childrenMyors, Karen A 
8Feb-2013Collaboration and integrated services for perinatal mental health: an integrative reviewMyors, Karen A 
9Dec-2003Community-wide implementation of a parenting program: the South East Sydney Positive Parenting ProjectMyors, Karen A 
10Jun-2002Preparing expectant couples for new-parent experiences: a comparison of two models of antenatal educationMyors, Karen A 
112001Coping styles of pregnant adolescentsMyors, Karen A