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Credit Name
Sally Ayesa
Full Name
Ayesa, Sally
Ayesa, Sally L
Holden, Sally
Ayesa, Sally Louise
Main Affilation
Central Coast Local Health District
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2023Navigating the glass labyrinth: Addressing gender diversity in Australian and New Zealand representative radiology leadershipAyesa, Sally ; McEniery, Jane C; Hill, Laura S; McCloskey, Cassie E; Lee, Emmeline H
2Mar-2023Female representation in radiology subspecialty interest groups in Australia and New ZealandHayter, Catherine L; Ayesa, Sally 
3Dec-2022Positron emission tomography: Evolving modalities, radiopharmaceuticals and professional collaborationAyesa, Sally ; Murphy, Andrew
4Dec-2021The indications and utility of adjunctive imaging modalities for chronic total occlusion (CTO) interventionAllahwala, Usaid K; Brilakis, Emmanouil S; Kiat, Hosen; Ayesa, Sally ; Nour, Daniel; Ward, Michael; Lo, Sidney; Weaver, James C; Bhindi, Ravinay
5Oct-2021Medical imaging education opportunities for junior doctors and non-radiologist clinicians: A reviewAyesa, Sally ; Katelaris, Annette G; Brennan, Patrick C; Grieve, Stuart M
630-Jun-2021Marked improvement in hyperammonaemic encephalopathy from multimodal treatment of metastatic neuroendocrine tumourDavis, Alexander; Clarke, Stephen; Ayesa, Sally ; Chan, David L
71-Apr-2021Is 67gallium dead? A retrospective review of 67gallium imaging in a single tertiary referral centreAyesa, Sally ; Schembri, Geoffrey P
8Apr-2020A case of abdominal wall percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy site metastatic disease from primary oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomaAyesa, Sally ; Hain, S F
9Jul-2014(67)Ga SPECT/CT accurately localized recurrent hepatic cyst infection in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney diseaseAyesa, Sally Louise ; Gradinscak, Denis J; Schembri, Geoff P
104-May-2009Perinatal transmission of hepatitis B virus: an Australian experienceWiseman, Elke; Fraser, Melissa A; Holden, Sally ; Glass, Anne; Kidson, Bronwynne L; Heron, Leon G; Maley, Michael W; Ayres, Anna; Locarnini, Stephen A; Levy, Miriam T