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dc.contributor.authorHiggins, Oliver-
dc.contributor.authorShort, Brooke L-
dc.contributor.authorChalup, Stephan K-
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dc.identifier.citation2023: 4464934en
dc.description.abstractBackground. The prominence of technology in modern life cannot be understated. However, for some people, these innovations or their related plausible advancements can be associated with perceptual misinterpretation and/or incorporation into delusional concepts. Objective. This paper aims to explore the intersection of technological advancement and experiencing psychosis. We present a discussion about the explanation seeking that incorporates the concept, that for some people, of technological innovation becoming intertwined with delusional symptoms over the past 100 years. Methods. A longitudinal review of the literature was conducted to synthesize and draw these concepts together, mapping them to a timeline that aligns computing science and healthcare expertise and presents the significant technological changes of the modern era charted against mental health milestones and reports of technology-related delusions. Results. It is possible for technology to be incorporated into the content of delusions with evidence supporting a link between the rate of technological change, the content of delusions, and the use of technology as a way of seeking an explanation. Moreover, analysis suggests a need to better understand how innovations may impact the mental health of people at risk of psychosis and other mental health conditions. Conclusions. Clinical experts and lived experience experts need to be informed about and collaborate with future research and development of technology, specifically artificial intelligence and machine learning, early in the development cycle. This concurs with other artificial intelligence research recommendations calling for design attention to the development and implementation of technological innovation applied in a mental health context.en
dc.description.sponsorshipMental Healthen
dc.subjectMental Healthen
dc.titleInterpretations of innovation: The role of technology in explanation seeking related to psychosisen
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dc.description.affiliatesGosford Hospitalen
dc.identifier.journaltitlePerspectives in Psychiatric Careen
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