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Title: Collaboration: a solution to the challenge of conducting nursing research in cardiac rehabilitation
Authors: Warrington, Darryl ;Gallagher, Robyn ;Sadler, L.;Kirkness, A.;Belshaw, J.;Roach, K.
Issue Date: 2013
Source: Volume 20, Issue 4, pp. 255-259
Journal title: Collegian
Abstract: Clinical nurse leaders such as clinical nurse consultants are required to conduct research and incorporate outcomes of this research into their every day practice. However, undertaking research presents issues for cardiac rehabilitation clinical nurse consultants because they may have competing demands, difficulty with finding replacements and may be relatively isolated from other researchers. The solution to this situation is the formation of a collaborative research team with other cardiac rehabilitation clinical nurse consultants, with the inclusion of an experienced university academic as a mentor for the cardiac rehabilitation clinical nurse consultants working in an Area Health Service encompassing both rural and metropolitan hospitals in New South Wales, Australia. The related research project aimed to evaluate and improve the clients' knowledge and practices related to the use of sublingual glyceryl trinitrate. The team's experiences and suggestions for clinical nurse Leaders are presented in this paper. Essential team characteristics include having shared motivation, good communication practices, flexibility and tolerance, an effective team size, achieving success, willingness to accept challenges and an experienced mentor. The benefits of developing a collaborative team for research led by clinical nurse consultants in cardiac rehabilitation by far outweigh the time and effort involved in the process.
ISSN: 1322-7696
Publicaton type: Journal Article
Keywords: Nursing
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