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1Dec-2016Ultrabrief electroconvulsive therapy for mania: data from 11 acute treatment coursesRamalingam, Jothi Thangapandian, Sathish Elias, A.Abidi, N.Bhat, R.
2Feb-2022Predictors of laxative use in inpatients with schizophrenia on clozapinePushkal, Pushkal Sazhin, V.
3Feb-2019A new paradigm for mental-health quality and safety: are we ready?Short, Brooke Marr, C.Wright, M.
4Jul-2020Metabolic screen and intervene: improving mental health inpatient metabolic monitoringViglione, Luke Short, Brooke 
5Apr-2019Dopamine dysregulation syndrome in non-Parkinson's disease patients: a systematic reviewCartoon, Jodi Ramalingam, Jothi 
6Jan-2020Development of the Ketamine Side Effect Tool (KSET)Short, Brooke Dong, V.Galvez, V.Vulovic, V.Martin, D.Bayes, A.J.Zarate, C.A.Murrough, J.W.McLoughlin, D.M.Riva-Posse, P.Schoevers, R.Fraguas, R.Glue, P.Fam, J.McShane, R.Loo, C.K.
7Jun-2017The Clinical Alliance and Research in Electroconvulsive Therapy Network: An Australian initiative for improving service delivery of electroconvulsive therapyRamalingam, Jothi Martin, D.M.Galvez, V.Lauf, S.Dong, V.Baily, S.A.Cordoner, N.Chan, H.N.Davidson, D.Fam, J.De Felice, N.Martinez-Amoros, E.Mohan, T.Sarma, S.I.Tor, P.C.Waite, S.Loo, C.K.
8May-2019Amphetamine-type-substance-related presentations to the Emergency Department Mental Health Team of a local health district in AustraliaChivaurah, Bernard M Lienert, David Coates, Dominiek