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Credit Name
Brooke Short
Full Name
Short, Brooke
Short, Brooke L
Main Affilation
Central Coast Local Health District
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Feb-2023Interpretations of innovation: The role of technology in explanation seeking related to psychosisHiggins, Oliver ; Short, Brooke L ; Chalup, Stephan K; Wilson, Rhonda L
26-Feb-2023Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based decision support systems in mental health: An integrative reviewHiggins, Oliver ; Short, Brooke L ; Chalup, Stephan K; Wilson, Rhonda L
36-Sep-2021Exploring and reorienting psychiatrists' attitudes regarding smoking cessation and its potential to improve mental health outcomes: a pilot studyShort, Brooke ; Giles, Luke ; Bauer, Lyndon 
4Jul-2020Metabolic screen and intervene: improving mental health inpatient metabolic monitoringViglione, Luke ; Short, Brooke 
5Jan-2020Development of the Ketamine Side Effect Tool (KSET)Short, Brooke 
6Aug-2019An immersive orientation programme to improve medical student integration and well-beingShort, Brooke ; David, Michael ; Ryall, Mary-Ann ; Dawson, Amanda 
7Feb-2019A new paradigm for mental-health quality and safety: are we ready?Short, Brooke