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Lyndon Bauer
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Bauer, Lyndon
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
116-May-2023A monitoring and site visit intervention to reduce sales to minors at packaged liquor outletsBartman, Hannah ; Bauer, Lyndon ; Kajons, Nicole ; Batchelor, Samantha ; Juel, Katrine 
26-Sep-2021Exploring and reorienting psychiatrists' attitudes regarding smoking cessation and its potential to improve mental health outcomes: a pilot studyShort, Brooke ; Giles, Luke ; Bauer, Lyndon 
3Jun-2021Assessing the responses of smokers to requests to stop smoking on hospital groundsGiles, Luke ; Batchelor, Samantha ; Bauer, Lyndon 
4Jun-2020Supporting visitor compliance with a smoke-free policy at hospital using a nicotine replacement therapy vending machineGiles, Luke ; Bauer, Lyndon 
5Apr-2019Implementing and enforcing a smoke-free policy and by-law on hospital grounds at Central Coast Local Health DistrictGiles, Luke ; Bauer, Lyndon 
6Aug-2018Five years of health promoting work with bottle shops on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. How can we best ensure outlets check ID?Bauer, Lyndon ; Smith, Jeff ; Kajons, Nicole ; Tutt, Douglas 
7Apr-2009Restricting the retail supply of tobacco to minorsTutt, Douglas ; Bauer, Lyndon 
8Sep-2002Cannabis and driving: a new perspectiveBauer, Lyndon ; O'Kane, Carl ; Tutt, Douglas