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Nicole Kajons
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Kajons, Nicole
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110-Jul-2023Thirsty? Choose Water! A regional perspective to promoting water consumption in secondary school studentsKajons, Nicole Gowland-Ella, Justine Batchelor, Samantha Kingon, Nina David, Michael 
216-May-2023A monitoring and site visit intervention to reduce sales to minors at packaged liquor outletsBartman, Hannah Bauer, Lyndon Kajons, Nicole Batchelor, Samantha Juel, Katrine 
330-May-2022The outcomes of Thirsty? Choose Water! Determining the effects of a behavioural and an environmental intervention on water and sugar sweetened beverage consumption in adolescents: A randomised controlled trialGowland-Ella, Justine Batchelor, Samantha David, Michael Lewis, Peter Kajons, Nicole 
4Jan-2022Thirsty? Choose Water! Encouraging Secondary School Students to choose water over sugary drinks. A descriptive analysis of intervention componentsLewis, Peter R Gowland-Ella, Justine Kajons, Nicole Kingon, Nina David, M.Trinh, K.Louis, D.
5Aug-2020Scale-up of the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) intervention in secondary schools: 12-month implementation outcomes from a cluster randomized controlled trialKajons, Nicole Sutherland, R.Campbell, E.McLaughlin, M.Nathan, N.Wolfenden, L.Lubans, D.R.Morgan, P.J.Gillham, K.Oldmeadow, C.Searles, A.Reeves, P.Williams, M.Bailey, A.Boyer, J.Lecathelinais, C.Davies, L.McKenzie, T.Hollis, J.Wiggers, J.
6Aug-2018Five years of health promoting work with bottle shops on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. How can we best ensure outlets check ID?Bauer, Lyndon Smith, Jeff Kajons, Nicole Tutt, Douglas 
7Jun-2018Thirsty? Choose Water! Behavioural interventions and water stations in secondary schools a two-by-two factorial randomised controlled trialKajons, Nicole David, Michael Gowland-Ella, Justine Lewis, Peter R Batchelor, Samantha