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Lewis, Peter R
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130-May-2022The outcomes of Thirsty? Choose Water! Determining the effects of a behavioural and an environmental intervention on water and sugar sweetened beverage consumption in adolescents: A randomised controlled trialGowland-Ella, Justine Batchelor, Samantha David, Michael Lewis, Peter Kajons, Nicole 
2Jan-2022Thirsty? Choose Water! Encouraging Secondary School Students to choose water over sugary drinks. A descriptive analysis of intervention componentsLewis, Peter R Gowland-Ella, Justine Kajons, Nicole Kingon, Nina David, M.Trinh, K.Louis, D.
311-Sep-2021Burden of cardiovascular diseases in older adults using aged care servicesLewis, Peter R Hsu, B.Korda, R.Naganathan, V.Ooi, S. Y.Brieger, D.Jorm, L.
4Aug-2020Using the Tailoring Immunization Programmes guide to improve child immunisation in Umina, New South Wales: we could still do betterMoore, Donna Gately, Colleen L Dixon, Andrew J Cook, Paul Lewis, Peter R Thomas, S.Bolsewicz, K.
5Aug-2019Formative Evaluation of the Central Coast Integrated Care Program (CCICP), NSW AustraliaGoodwin, Nicholas Bishop, Michael Sheather-Reid, Rachael Bradfield, Sarah Lewis, Peter R Gazzard, Taryn Critchley, Anthony Wilcox, Sarah Dalton, H.Read, D.M.Y.Booth, A.Perkins, D.Hendry, A.Handley, T.Davies, K.
6May-2017Retirement Health and Lifestyle Study: Australian neighborhood environments and physical activity in older adultsTravers, Cheryl Dixon, Andrew J Laurence, Alice Lewis, Peter R Veysey, Martin Niblett, SuzanneKing, KatrinaOwen, Neville
7Jan-2015The Dental Health of primary school children living in fluoridated, pre-fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities in New South Wales, AustraliaLewis, Peter R Blinkhorn, A.S.Byun, R.Johnson, G.Metha, P.Kay, Meredith
82015Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination: do older people know if they have been vaccinated?Lewis, Peter R Laurence, Alice Gately, Colleen L Dixon, Andrew J 
9Mar-2012An outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium linked to a kebab takeaway shopLewis, Peter R Torres, Maria Cook, Lucy Cook, P.Kardamanidis, K.Shadbolt, C.Campbell, B.
10Dec-2010The folic acid endophenotype and depression in an elderly populationNaumovski, Nenad Veysey, Martin Ng, Xiaowei Boyd, Lyndell Dufficy, Lisa Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Townley-Jones, Maureen Yates, Z.Roach, Paul Lucock, M.
11Feb-2009Folate nutritional genetics and risk for hypertension in an elderly population sampleNg, Xiaowei Boyd, Lyndell Dufficy, Lisa Naumovski, Nenad Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Yates, Z.Townley-Jones, Maureen Roach, Paul Veysey, Martin Lucock, M.
12Jan-2008Preliminary evidence for genetic selection of 677T-MTHFR by natural annual cycle of folate abundanceLucock, M.Yates, Z.Ng, Xiaowei Veysey, Martin Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Roach, Paul 
13Nov-2007The psychosocial experience of women with PCOS: A case control studyEsler, Danielle M Esler, Danielle M Travers, Cheryl Travers, Cheryl Dixon, Andrew J Dixon, Andrew J Lewis, Peter R Lewis, Peter R Guttikonda, KamalaGuttikonda, Kamala
14Jun-2007Meningococcal septicaemia and a case of clinically mild illnessLewis, Peter R Esler, Danielle M 
15Aug-2006G80A reduced folate carrier SNP influences the absorption and cellular translocation of dietary folate and its association with blood pressure in an elderly populationDufficy, Lisa Naumovski, Nenad Blades, Barbara Yates, Z.Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Veysey, Martin Roach, Paul Lucock, M.
16Jul-2006Iodine status in pregnant women and their newborns: are our babies at risk of iodine deficiency?Lewis, Peter R Travers, Cheryl Guttikonda, KamalaNorton, C.A.Mollart, Lyndall Wiley, V.Wilcken, B.Eastman, C.J.Boyages, Steven
17Jan-2005Tremor syndrome associated with a fungal toxin: Sequelae of food contaminationLewis, Peter R Cook, Lucy Donoghue, Michael BHocking, Ailsa DGranger, Linda V 
182005Septicaemia secondary to vibrio vulnificus cellulitisLewis, Peter R Cook, Lucy McEwen, Adam D Granger, Linda V Drewitt-Smith, Janet
192004An outbreak of meningococcal disease in a secondary school--implications for public health practiceLewis, Peter R Miles, Tha├»s A Cook, Lucy Bruderlin, Ken I 
2021-Apr-2003Symptoms of asthma: comparison of a parent completed retrospective with a prospective daily symptom diaryLewis, Peter R Hensley, M.J.Chalmers, A.Clover, K.Gibson, P.G.Toneguzzi, R.C.
212003Iodine deficiency in urban primary school children: a cross sectional analysisTravers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Guttikonda, KamalaBoyages, Steven
22Nov-2001Evaluating the efficacy of vaccine storage in the general practiceLewis, Peter R Reimer, Robert F Dixon, Andrew J 
2321-Jul-1998Outdoor air and children's respiratory symptoms in the steel cities of New South WalesLewis, Peter R Hensley, M.J.Wlodarczyk, John H Toneguzzi, R.C.Westley-Wise, V.J.Dunn, T.Calvert, D.
24Apr-1998Vaccine storage in pharmacies on the Central Coast of New South WalesLewis, Peter R Reimer, Robert F