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Lyndall Mollart
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Mollart, Lyndall
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2017Midwives' personal use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) influences their recommendations to women experiencing a post-date pregnancyMollart, Lyndall ; Skinner, Virginia 
2Feb-2017Caring for women wanting a vaginal birth after previous caesarean section: A qualitative study of the experiences of midwives and obstetriciansMollart, Lyndall 
3Aug-2016Pregnant women and health professional's perceptions of complementary alternative medicine, and participation in a randomised controlled trial of acupressure for labour onsetMollart, Lyndall 
4May-2016A feasibility randomised controlled trial of acupressure to assist spontaneous labour for primigravid women experiencing a post-date pregnancyMollart, Lyndall ; Skinner, Virginia 
531-Mar-2015Impact of acupressure on onset of labour and labour duration: A systematic reviewMollart, Lyndall 
6Mar-2013Factors that may Influence Midwives Work-Related Stress and BurnoutMollart, Lyndall ; Skinner, Virginia ; Newing, Carol ; Foureur, M.
7Dec-2012Addressing obesity in pregnancy: The design and feasibility of an innovative intervention in NSW, AustraliaDavis, D.L.; Raymond, Jane ; Clements, Vanessa ; Adams, Cathy ; Mollart, Lyndall ; Teate, Ali J ; Foureur, M.
8Sep-2009Midwives' Emotional Wellbeing: Impact of Conducting a Structured Antenatal Psychosocial Assessment (SAPSA)Mollart, Lyndall ; Newing, Carol ; Foureur, M.
9Apr-2004Implementing Reflexology into Midwifery PracticeMollart, Lyndall 
10Nov-2003Single-Blind Trial Addressing the Differential Effects of Two Reflexology Techniques Versus Rest, on Ankle and Foot Oedema in Late PregnancyMollart, Lyndall 
11Sep-1999A Weight Off My Mind: The Abandonment of Routine Antenatal Weighing a Change of Practice ResearchMollart, Lyndall 
12Dec-1995Pregnant Teenagers: Antenatal Education ResearchMollart, Lyndall