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Title: Evaluating the efficacy of vaccine storage in the general practice
Authors: Lewis, Peter R ;Reimer, Robert F ;Dixon, Andrew J 
Issue Date: Nov-2001
Source: Volume 25, Issue 6, pp. 547-50; discussion 551
Journal title: Australian and New Zealand journal of public health
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To describe the implementation of guidelines for vaccine storage in general practice, and their effectiveness in achieving optimum vaccine storage temperatures in fridges. DESIGN: Repeated cross-sectional surveys over time--phase 1 1996/97, phase 2 1998/99, phase 3 1999/2000. SETTING: Central Coast, New South Wales. PARTICIPANTS: Phase 1--all general practices on the Central Coast. Phases 2 and 3--samples of practices. INTERVENTIONS: Each practice was surveyed about how they stored vaccines. A datalogger recorded fridge temperatures over six days. Individual feedback and advice were given. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Proportion of: 1. fridges maintaining a temperature in the 2-8 degrees C range; 2. fridges freezing; 3. practices with one person responsible for vaccine storage; 4. bridge temperature checked daily; 5. fridges storing no items other than vaccines; 6. bridges with thermometers; and 7. associations between storage practices and fridge temperatures. RESULTS: In phase 1, 102 fridges, and in phase 3, a random sample of 36 practices was surveyed. The findings for phase 1 and phase 3 respectively were: 31% and 50% of fridges were in the 2-8 degrees C range; 36% and 25% were <0 degrees C; one person was responsible in 52% and 53% of cases; 20% and 38% reported daily checks; 74% and 94% of fridges had no extraneous items and 53% and 86% of fridges had thermometers. No statistically significant associations were found between vaccine storage practices and bridge temperatures. CONCLUSIONS: Despite improvements in vaccine storage practices, a quarter of fridges were freezing, thereby compromising the potency of many of the immunisation schedule vaccines.
ISSN: 1326-0200
Publicaton type: Journal Article
Keywords: Immunology
Public Health
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