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Sturm, Jonathan
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1May-2022Fibrocartilaginous embolism: an under-recognised cause of young spinal strokeNagaratnam, Sai Adithya Sturm, Jonathan Lam Kwong Lee, Raymond 
2Nov-2021Case-Fatality and Functional Outcome after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH) in INternational STRoke oUtComes sTudy (INSTRUCT)Sturm, Jonathan Rehman, S.Phan, H.T.Reeves, M.J.Thrift, A.G.Cadilhac, D.A.Breslin, M.Callisaya, M.L.Vemmos, K.Parmar, P.Krishnamurthi, R.V.Barker-Collo, S.Feigin, V.Chausson, N.Olindo, S.Cabral, N.L.Carolei, A.Marini, C.Degan, D.Sacco, S.Correia, M.Appelros, P.Kõrv, J.Vibo, R.Minelli, C.Sposato, L.Pandian, J.D.Kaur, P.Azarpazhooh, M.R.Morovatdar, N.Gall, S.
3Jun-2021Syphilitic meningitis presenting with multiple cranial neuropathiesSturm, Jonathan Chu, M.Kumar, S.
4May-2019Thrombolysis Guided by Perfusion Imaging up to 9 Hours after Onset of StrokeSturm, Jonathan Ma, H.Campbell, B.C.V.Parsons, M.W.Churilov, L.Levi, C.R.Hsu, C.Kleinig, T.J.Wijeratne, T.Curtze, S.Dewey, H.M.Miteff, F.Tsai, C.H.Lee, J.T.Phan, T.G.Mahant, N.Sun, M.C.Krause, MartinGrimley, R.Chen, C.H.Hu, C.J.Wong, A.A.Field, D.Sun, Y.Barber, P.A.Sabet, A.Jannes, J.Jeng, J.S.Clissold, B.Markus, R.Lin, C.H.Lien, L.M.Bladin, C.F.Christensen, S.Yassi, N.Sharma, G.Bivard, A.Desmond, P.M.Yan, B.Mitchell, P.J.Thijs, V.Carey, L.Meretoja, A.Davis, S.M.Donnan, G.A.
5Apr-2019Relationship Between B-Vitamin Biomarkers and Dietary Intake with Apolipoprotein E є4 in Alzheimer's DiseaseSturm, Jonathan O'Brien, Bill Veysey, Martin D'Cunha, N.M.Georgousopoulou, E.N.Boyd, L.
6Jan-2019Sex Differences in Severity of Stroke in the INSTRUCT Study: a Meta-Analysis of Individual Participant DataSturm, Jonathan Phan, H.T.Reeves, M.J.Blizzard, C.L.Thrift, A.G.Cadilhac, D.A.Otahal, P.Bejot, Y.Rothwell, P.Cabral, N.L.Appelros, P.Korv, J.Vibo, R.Minelli, C.Gall, S.L.
7May-2018Factors contributing to sex differences in functional outcomes and participation after strokeSturm, Jonathan Phan, H.T.Blizzard, C.L.Reeves, M.J.Thrift, A.G.Cadilhac, D.A.Heeley, E.Otahal, P.Vemmos, K.Anderson, C.Parmar, P.Krishnamurthi, R.Barker-Collo, S.Feigin, V.Bejot, Y.Cabral, N.L.Carolei, A.Sacco, S.Chausson, N.Olindo, S.Rothwell, P.Silva, C.Correia, M.Magalhaes, R.Appelros, P.Korv, J.Vibo, R.Minelli, C.
8Feb-2017Sex Differences in Long-Term Mortality After Stroke in the INSTRUCT (INternational STRoke oUtComes sTudy): A Meta-Analysis of Individual Participant DataSturm, Jonathan Phan, H.T.Blizzard, C.L.Reeves, M.J.Thrift, A.G.Cadilhac, D.A.Heeley, E.Otahal, P.Konstantinos, V.Anderson, C.Parmar, P.Krishnamurthi, R.Barker-Collo, S.Feigin, V.Bejot, Y.Cabral, N.L.Carolei, A.Sacco, S.Chausson, N.Olindo, S.Rothwell, P.Silva, C.Correia, M.Magalhaes, R.Appelros, P.Korv, J.Vibo, R.Minelli, C.Gall, S.L.
9Aug-2016Predictors of health-related quality of life in community-dwelling stroke survivors: a cohort studySturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Magin, P.Attia, J.McElduff, P.Carter, G.
10Aug-2016Predictors of depression and anxiety in community dwelling stroke survivors: a cohort studySturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Attia, J.Carter, G.Magin, P.
11Jul-2016Estimated GFR and the Effect of Intensive Blood Pressure Lowering After Acute Intracerebral HemorrhageSturm, Jonathan Zheng, D.Sato, S.Arima, H.Heeley, E.Delcourt, C.Cao, Y.Chalmers, J.Anderson, C.
12Jun-2015STroke imAging pRevention and treatment (START): A longitudinal stroke cohort study: Clinical trials protocol.Sturm, Jonathan Carey, Leeanne MCrewther, SheilaSalvado, OlivierLinden, ThomasConnelly, AlanWilson, WilliamHowells, David WChurilov, LeonidMa, H.Tse, TamaraRose, StephenPalmer, SusanBougeat, PierrickCampbell, B.C.Christensen, S.Macaulay, S. LanceFavaloro, J.O'Collins, VictoriaMcBride, SimonBates, SusanCowley, EliseDewey, H.M.Wijeratne, TessaGerraty, RichardPhan, Thanh GYan, BernardParsons, M.W.Bladin, C.F.Barber, P.A.Read, StephenWong, AndrewLee, AndrewKleinig, T.Hankey, G.J.Blacker, DavidMarkus, R.Leyden, JamesKrause, MartinGrimley, RohanMahant, N.Jannes, J.Davis, Stephen MDonnan, G.A.
13Dec-2014Polygenic overlap between kidney function and large artery atherosclerotic strokeHoliday, E.G.Traylor, M.Malik, R.Bevan, S.Maguire, J.Koblar, Simon A Sturm, Jonathan Hankey, G.J.Oldmeadow, C.McEvoy, M.Sudlow, C.Rothwell, P.Coresh, J.Hamet, P.Tremblay, J.Turner, S.T.De Andrade, M.Rao, M.Schmidt, R.Crick, P.A.Robino, A.Peralta, C.A.Jukema, J.W.Mitchell, P.Rosas, S.E.Wang, J.J.Scott, R.J.Dichgans, M.Mitchell, B.D.Kao, W. \H.L.Fox, C.S.Levi, C.R.Attia, J.Markus, H.S.
14Apr-2014The experience of urinary incontinence in stroke survivors: a follow-up qualitative studySturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Patterson, K.Jordan, L.A.Magin, P.Attia, J.
15Apr-2014Plasma angiopoietin-1 is lower after ischemic stroke and associated with major disability but not stroke incidenceSturm, Jonathan Golledge, J.Clancy, P.Maguire, J.Lincz, L.Koblar, Simon A McEvoy, M.Attia, J.Levi, C.R.Almeida, O.P.Yeap, B.B.Flicker, L.Norman, P.E.Hankey, G.J.
16Jan-2014Can Lower Risk Patients Presenting with Transient Ischaemic Attack be Safely Managed as Outpatients?Griffiths, D.Sturm, Jonathan Heard, Robert Reyneke, Elizabeth Whyte, Scott Clarke, T.A.O'Brien, Bill Crimmins, Denis 
172014Exploring the experience of psychological morbidity and service access in community dwelling stroke survivors: a follow-up studySturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Dickson, A.Magin, P.Tapley, A.Attia, J.Carter, G.
18Dec-2013ImProving Outcomes after STroke (POST): results from the randomized clinical pilot trialSturm, Jonathan Hackett, M.L.Carter, G.Crimmins, Denis Clarke, T.Arblaster, L.Billot, L.Mysore, J.
19Dec-2012Baseline smoking status and the long-term risk of death or nonfatal vascular event in people with stroke: a 10-year survival analysisSturm, Jonathan Kim, J.Gall, S.L.Dewey, H.M.Macdonell, R.A.Thrift, A.G.
20Oct-2012Common variants at 6p21.1 are associated with large artery atherosclerotic strokeSturm, Jonathan Maguire, Jane M Holliday, E.G.Evans, T.J.Koblar, Simon A Jannes, J.Hankey, G.J.Baker, R.Golledge, J.Parsons, M.W.Malik, R.McEvoy, M.Biros, E.Lewis, M.D.Lincz, L.F.Peel, R.Oldmeadow, C.Smith, W.Moscato, P.Barlera, S.Bevan, S.Bis, J.C.Boerwinkle, E.Boncoraglio, G.B.Brott, T.G.Brown, R.D., JrCheng, Y.C.Cole, J.W.Cotlarciuc, I.Devan, W.J.Fornage, M.Furie, K.L.Gretarsdottir, S.Gschwendtner, A.Ikram, M.A.Longstreth, W.T., Jr.Meschia, J.F.Mitchell, B.D.Mosley, T.H.Nalls, M.A.Parati, E.A.Psaty, B.M.Sharma, P.Stefansson, K.Thorleifsson, G.Thorsteinsdottir, U.Traylor, M.Verhaaren, B.F.Wiggins, K.L.Worrall, B.B.Sudlow, C.Rothwell, P.M.Farrall, M.Dichgans, M.Rosand, J.Markus, H.S.Scott, R.J.Levi, C.Attia, J.
21Sep-2012Trajectories of psychological distress after strokeSturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Magin, P.Attia, J.Carter, G.Pollack, M.
222012Exploring the experience of post-stroke fatigue in community dwelling stroke survivors: a prospective qualitative studySturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Gray, K.R.Magin, P.Attia, J.Carter, G.Pollack, M.
232012Access and participation in the community: a prospective qualitative study of driving post-strokeSturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Miller, B.Magin, P.Attia, J.Pollack, M.
24Mar-2011Impact of COX-2 rs5275 and rs20417 and GPIIIa rs5918 polymorphisms on 90-day ischemic stroke functional outcome: a novel findingSturm, Jonathan Whyte, Scott Maguire, J.Thakkinstian, A.Levi, C.R.Lincz, L.Bisset, L.Scott, R.Attia, J.
252011Epidemiology and etiology of young strokeSturm, Jonathan Griffiths, D.
26Dec-2010The folic acid endophenotype and depression in an elderly populationNaumovski, Nenad Veysey, Martin Ng, Xiaowei Boyd, Lyndell Dufficy, Lisa Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Townley-Jones, Maureen Yates, Z.Roach, Paul Lucock, M.
27Aug-2010Thrombolysis for acute stroke in Australia: outcomes from the Safe Implementation of Thrombolysis in Stroke registry (2002-2008)Sturm, Jonathan Simpson, M.Dewey, H.M.Ahmed, N.Bladin, C.F.Schultz, D.Markus, R.Levi, C.R.Blacker, DavidJannes, J.Lindley, R.I.Parsons, M.W.
28Mar-2010Sex differences in presentation, severity, and management of stroke in a population-based studySturm, Jonathan Gall, S.L.Donnan, G.A.Dewey, H.M.Macdonell, R.A.Gilligan, A.Srikanth, V.K.Thrift, A.G.
29Feb-2010imProving Outcomes after STroke clinical pilot trial protocolSturm, Jonathan Crimmins, Denis Hackett, M.L.Carter, G.Clarke, T.Maddock, K.
30Apr-2009Can we derive an 'exchange rate' between descriptive and preference-based outcome measures for stroke? Results from the transfer to utility (TTU) techniqueSturm, Jonathan Mortimer, D.Segal, L.
31Feb-2009Folate nutritional genetics and risk for hypertension in an elderly population sampleNg, Xiaowei Boyd, Lyndell Dufficy, Lisa Naumovski, Nenad Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Yates, Z.Townley-Jones, Maureen Roach, Paul Veysey, Martin Lucock, M.
322009Incidence of stroke subtypes in the North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study (NEMESIS): differences between men and womenSturm, Jonathan Thrift, A.G.Dewey, H.M.Srikanth, V.K.Gilligan, A.K.Gall, S.L.Macdonell, R.A.McNeil, J.J.Donnan, G.A.
332009Stroke among women, ethnic groups, young adults, and childrenSturm, Jonathan Mackay, Mark T Thrift, A.G.
342009Handicap 5 years after stroke in the North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence StudySturm, Jonathan Gall, S.L.Dewey, H.M.Macdonell, R.A.Thrift, A.G.
35Sep-2008Exploring poststroke mood changes in community-dwelling stroke survivors: a qualitative studySturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Magin, P.Attia, J.Pollack, M.R.Levi, C.R.
36Aug-2008Patterns of stroke recurrence according to subtype of first stroke event: the North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study (NEMESIS)Sturm, Jonathan Azarpazhooh, M.R.Nicol, M.B.Donnan, G.A.Dewey, H.M.Macdonell, R.A.Pearce, D.C.Thrift, A.G.
37Jun-2008Venous and arterial thrombo-embolic complications of hormonal treatment in a male-to-female transgender patientSturm, Jonathan Crimmins, Denis Whyte, Scott Mullins, G. M.O'Sullivan, S. S.Kinsella, J.McEnroy, D.
38Jun-2008Polymorphisms in Platelet Glycoprotein 1Balpha and Factor VII and Risk of Ischemic Stroke: A Meta-AnalysisMaguire, J.Thakkinstian, A.Sturm, Jonathan Levi, C.R.Lincz, L.Parsons, M.W.Whyte, Scott Attia, J.
39Jan-2008Preliminary evidence for genetic selection of 677T-MTHFR by natural annual cycle of folate abundanceLucock, M.Yates, Z.Ng, Xiaowei Veysey, Martin Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Roach, Paul 
40Sep-2007Community-dwelling stroke survivors: function is not the whole story with quality of lifeSturm, Jonathan White, J.H.Alston, M.K.Marquez, J.L.Sweetapple, A.L.Pollack, M.R.Attia, J.Levi, C.R.
41Aug-2007Perimetric homonymous visual field loss post-strokeSturm, Jonathan Whyte, Scott Crimmins, Denis Townend, Bradley Petsoglou, C.O'Leary, Bernie
42Jul-2007The PAI-1 4G/5G gene polymorphism and ischemic stroke: an association study and meta-analysisSturm, Jonathan Attia, J.Thakkinstian, A.Wang, Y.Lincz, L.Parsons, M.McGettigan, P.Scott, R.Meldrum, C.Levi, C.R.
43May-2007Longitudinal prevalence and determinants of early mood disorder post-strokeSturm, Jonathan Crimmins, Denis Whyte, Scott Townend, Bradley Desborough, T.Markus, R.Levi, C.R.
44Nov-2006Prevalence of depression and use of antidepressant medication at 5-years poststroke in the North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence StudySturm, Jonathan Paul, S.L.Dewey, H.M.Macdonell, R.A.Thrift, A.G.
45Aug-2006G80A reduced folate carrier SNP influences the absorption and cellular translocation of dietary folate and its association with blood pressure in an elderly populationDufficy, Lisa Naumovski, Nenad Blades, Barbara Yates, Z.Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Veysey, Martin Roach, Paul Lucock, M.
46Jun-2006The validity of brief screening cognitive instruments in the diagnosis of cognitive impairment and dementia after first-ever strokeSturm, Jonathan Srikanth, V.K.Thrift, A.G.Fryer, J.L.Saling, M.M.Dewey, H.M.Donnan, G.A.
47Mar-2006Greater incidence of both fatal and nonfatal strokes in disadvantaged areas: the Northeast Melbourne Stroke Incidence StudySturm, Jonathan Thrift, A.G.Dewey, H.M.Paul, S.L.Gilligan, A.K.Srikanth, V.K.Macdonell, R.A.McNeil, J.J.Macleod, M.R.Donnan, G.A.
48Oct-2005Long-term outcome in the North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study: predictors of quality of life at 5 years after strokeSturm, Jonathan Paul, S.L.Dewey, H.M.Donnan, G.A.Macdonell, R.A.Thrift, A.G.
49Aug-2005Stroke or encephalitis?Sturm, Jonathan Whyte, Scott Townend, Bradley Hanson, Julian 
50Jul-2005Cerebral abscess with pneumocephalusSturm, Jonathan Townend, Bradley Whyte, Scott 
512005Stroke units, tissue plasminogen activator, aspirin and neuroprotection: which stroke intervention could provide the greatest community benefit?Sturm, Jonathan Gilligan, A.K.Thrift, A.G.Dewey, H.M.Macdonell, R.A.Donnan, G.A.
52Oct-2004Quality of life after stroke: the North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study (NEMESIS)Sturm, Jonathan Donnan, G.A.Dewey, H.M.Macdonell, R.A.Gilligan, A.K.Srikanth, V.K.Thrift, A.G.
53Aug-2004Quinine associated blindnessSturm, Jonathan Whyte, Scott Townend, Bradley 
54Mar-2004Determinants of handicap after stroke: the North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study (NEMESIS)Sturm, Jonathan Donnan, G.A.Dewey, H.M.Macdonell, R.A.Gilligan, A.K.Thrift, A.G.
552003Incidence and outcome of subtypes of ischaemic stroke: initial results from the north East melbourne stroke incidence study (NEMESIS)Sturm, Jonathan Dewey, H.M.Donnan, G.A.Macdonell, R.A.McNeil, J.J.Thrift, A.G.
56Dec-2002Brief comprehensive quality of life assessment after stroke: the assessment of quality of life instrument in the north East melbourne stroke incidence study (NEMESIS)Sturm, Jonathan Osborne, R.H.Dewey, H.M.Donnan, G.A.Macdonell, R.A.Thrift, A.G.
57Oct-2002Exercise-induced temporal lobe epilepsySturm, Jonathan Fedi, M.Berkovic, S.F.Reutens, D.C.
58Apr-2002The Avoid Stroke as Soon as Possible (ASAP) general practice stroke auditSturm, Jonathan Davis, S.M.O'Sullivan, J.G.Vedadhaghi, M.E.Donnan, G.A.
59Mar-2002Handicap after stroke: how does it relate to disability, perception of recovery, and stroke subtype?: the north North East Melbourne Stroke Incidence Study (NEMESIS)Sturm, Jonathan Dewey, H.M.Donnan, G.A.Macdonell, R.A.McNeil, J.J.Thrift, A.G.
60Apr-2000Ictal SPECT and interictal PET in the localization of occipital lobe epilepsySturm, Jonathan Newton, M.R.Chinvarun, Y.Berlangieri, S.U.Berkovic, S.F.
61Mar-2000Recurrent thunderclap headache associated with reversible intracerebral vasospasm causing strokeSturm, Jonathan Macdonell, R.A.
62Feb-2000"Pressure to laugh": an unusual epileptic symptom associated with small hypothalamic hamartomasSturm, Jonathan Andermann, F.Berkovic, S.F.
63Feb-1999Uterine cancer presenting with generalised dysaesthesia--a possible new paraneoplastic syndrome?Sturm, Jonathan Macdonell, R.A.Newton, M.R.
64Jul-1998Diagnosis and investigation of headacheSturm, Jonathan Donnan, G.A.