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Jonathan Sturm
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Sturm, Jonathan
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2022Fibrocartilaginous embolism: an under-recognised cause of young spinal strokeNagaratnam, Sai Adithya ; Sturm, Jonathan ; Lam Kwong Lee, Raymond 
2Nov-2021Case-Fatality and Functional Outcome after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH) in INternational STRoke oUtComes sTudy (INSTRUCT)Sturm, Jonathan 
3Jun-2021Syphilitic meningitis presenting with multiple cranial neuropathiesSturm, Jonathan 
4May-2019Thrombolysis Guided by Perfusion Imaging up to 9 Hours after Onset of StrokeSturm, Jonathan 
5Apr-2019Relationship Between B-Vitamin Biomarkers and Dietary Intake with Apolipoprotein E є4 in Alzheimer's DiseaseSturm, Jonathan ; O'Brien, Bill ; Veysey, Martin 
6Jan-2019Sex Differences in Severity of Stroke in the INSTRUCT Study: a Meta-Analysis of Individual Participant DataSturm, Jonathan 
7May-2018Factors contributing to sex differences in functional outcomes and participation after strokeSturm, Jonathan 
8Feb-2017Sex Differences in Long-Term Mortality After Stroke in the INSTRUCT (INternational STRoke oUtComes sTudy): A Meta-Analysis of Individual Participant DataSturm, Jonathan 
9Aug-2016Predictors of health-related quality of life in community-dwelling stroke survivors: a cohort studySturm, Jonathan 
10Aug-2016Predictors of depression and anxiety in community dwelling stroke survivors: a cohort studySturm, Jonathan 
11Jul-2016Estimated GFR and the Effect of Intensive Blood Pressure Lowering After Acute Intracerebral HemorrhageSturm, Jonathan 
12Jun-2015STroke imAging pRevention and treatment (START): A longitudinal stroke cohort study: Clinical trials protocol.Sturm, Jonathan 
13Dec-2014Polygenic overlap between kidney function and large artery atherosclerotic strokeHoliday, E.G.; Traylor, M.; Malik, R.; Bevan, S.; Maguire, J.; Koblar, Simon A ; Sturm, Jonathan ; Hankey, G.J.; Oldmeadow, C.; McEvoy, M.; Sudlow, C.; Rothwell, P.; Coresh, J.; Hamet, P.; Tremblay, J.; Turner, S.T.; De Andrade, M.; Rao, M.; Schmidt, R.; Crick, P.A.; Robino, A.; Peralta, C.A.; Jukema, J.W.; Mitchell, P.; Rosas, S.E.; Wang, J.J.; Scott, R.J.; Dichgans, M.; Mitchell, B.D.; Kao, W. \H.L.; Fox, C.S.; Levi, C.R.; Attia, J.; Markus, H.S.
14Apr-2014Plasma angiopoietin-1 is lower after ischemic stroke and associated with major disability but not stroke incidenceSturm, Jonathan 
15Apr-2014The experience of urinary incontinence in stroke survivors: a follow-up qualitative studySturm, Jonathan 
16Jan-2014Can Lower Risk Patients Presenting with Transient Ischaemic Attack be Safely Managed as Outpatients?Griffiths, D.; Sturm, Jonathan ; Heard, Robert ; Reyneke, Elizabeth ; Whyte, Scott ; Clarke, T.A.; O'Brien, Bill ; Crimmins, Denis 
172014Exploring the experience of psychological morbidity and service access in community dwelling stroke survivors: a follow-up studySturm, Jonathan 
18Dec-2013ImProving Outcomes after STroke (POST): results from the randomized clinical pilot trialSturm, Jonathan 
19Dec-2012Baseline smoking status and the long-term risk of death or nonfatal vascular event in people with stroke: a 10-year survival analysisSturm, Jonathan 
20Oct-2012Common variants at 6p21.1 are associated with large artery atherosclerotic strokeSturm, Jonathan ; Maguire, Jane M