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Martin Veysey
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Veysey, Martin
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1Apr-2019Relationship Between B-Vitamin Biomarkers and Dietary Intake with Apolipoprotein E є4 in Alzheimer's DiseaseSturm, Jonathan O'Brien, Bill Veysey, Martin D'Cunha, N.M.Georgousopoulou, E.N.Boyd, L.
2Nov-2017Undiagnosed pancreatic exocrine insufficiency and chronic pancreatitis in functional GI disorder patients with diarrhea or abdominal painVeysey, Martin Talley, N.J.Holtman, G.Nguyen, Q.N.Gibson, P.Bampton, P.Wong, J.Philcox, S.Koloski, N.Bunby, L.Jones, M.
3Sep-2017VDR gene methylation as a molecular adaption to light exposure: Historic, recent and genetic influencesVeysey, Martin Beckett, Emma L Jones, P.Duesing, K.Martin, C.Furst, J.Yates, Z.Jablonski, N.G.Chaplin, G.Lucock, M.
4May-2017Retirement Health and Lifestyle Study: Australian neighborhood environments and physical activity in older adultsTravers, Cheryl Dixon, Andrew J Laurence, Alice Lewis, Peter R Veysey, Martin Niblett, SuzanneKing, KatrinaOwen, Neville
5Mar-2017A potential sex dimorphism in the relationship between bitter taste and alcohol consumptionVeysey, Martin Beckett, Emma L Duesing, K.Boyd, Lyndell Yates, Z.Lucock, Mark 
6Oct-2016UV-associated decline in systemic folate: implications for human nutrigenetics, health, and evolutionary processesVeysey, Martin Lucock, Mark Beckett, Emma L Martin, C.Jones, P.Furst, J.Yates, Z.Jablonski, N.G.Chaplin, G.
7Jul-2016Detecting ascitesVeysey, Martin 
8Jun-2014The Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Modulating the Expression of MicroRNABeckett, Emma L Yates, Z.Veysey, Martin Duesing, K.Lucock, Mark 
9Mar-2013Response to 'Calcium, Phosphate and the Risk of Cardiovascular Events and All-Cause Mortality in a Population with Stable Coronary Heart Disease'Lucock, M.Martin, C.Boyd, Lyndell Naumovski, Nenad Roach, Paul Yates, Z.Veysey, Martin 
10Mar-2013Vitamin C-Related Nutrient-Nutrient and Nutrient-Gene Interactions that Modify Folate StatusLucock, M.Yates, Z.Boyd, Lyndell Naylor, Charlotte Choi, Jeong-Hwa Ng, Xiaowei Skinner, Virginia Wai, Ron Kho, Jeremy Tang, S.Roach, Paul Veysey, Martin 
11Mar-2013Hydrogen Sulphide-Related Thiol Metabolism and Nutrigenetics in Relation to Hypertension in an Elderly PopulationLucock, M.Yates, Z.Martin, C.Choi, Jeong-Hwa Boyd, Lyndell Tang, S.Naumovski, Nenad Roach, Paul Veysey, Martin 
12Aug-2011TAS2R38 Bitter Taste Genetics, Dietary Vitamin C, and Both Natural and Synthetic Dietary Folic Acid Predict Folate Status, A Key Micronutrient in the Pathoaetiology of Adenomatous PolypsLucock, M.Ng, Xiaowei Boyd, Lyndell Skinner, Virginia Wai, Ron Tang, S.Naylor, Charlotte Yates, Z.Choi, Jeong-Hwa Roach, Paul Veysey, Martin 
13Dec-2010The folic acid endophenotype and depression in an elderly populationNaumovski, Nenad Veysey, Martin Ng, Xiaowei Boyd, Lyndell Dufficy, Lisa Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Townley-Jones, Maureen Yates, Z.Roach, Paul Lucock, M.
14Nov-2009Interferon Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C: A Family Impact StudyBlacklaws, Helen Veysey, Heather Skinner, Virginia Reid, Rachel S Hawken, Glenn Veysey, Martin 
15Feb-2009Folate nutritional genetics and risk for hypertension in an elderly population sampleNg, Xiaowei Boyd, Lyndell Dufficy, Lisa Naumovski, Nenad Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Yates, Z.Townley-Jones, Maureen Roach, Paul Veysey, Martin Lucock, M.
16Jan-2008Physicochemical effect of pH and antioxidants on mono- and triglutamate forms of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, and evaluation of vitamin stability in human gastric juice: Implications for folate bioavailabilityVeysey, Martin Ng, Xiaowei Lucock, M.
17Jan-2008Preliminary evidence for genetic selection of 677T-MTHFR by natural annual cycle of folate abundanceLucock, M.Yates, Z.Ng, Xiaowei Veysey, Martin Blades, Barbara Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Roach, Paul 
18Aug-2006G80A reduced folate carrier SNP influences the absorption and cellular translocation of dietary folate and its association with blood pressure in an elderly populationDufficy, Lisa Naumovski, Nenad Blades, Barbara Yates, Z.Travers, Cheryl Lewis, Peter R Sturm, Jonathan Veysey, Martin Roach, Paul Lucock, M.