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William O'Brien
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O'Brien, William
O'Brien, Bill
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Central Coast Local Health District
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15-Mar-2023Functional outcomes of ischaemic stroke patients with known Atrial Fibrillation not on therapeutic anticoagulationNagaratnam, Sai Adithya Edwards, Leon S Blair, Christopher Evans, James W O'Brien, Bill 
2Sep-2022Diagnostic Utility of Computed Tomography Perfusion in the Telestroke SettingArora, KshitijGaekwad, AaronEvans, James W O'Brien, Bill Ang, TimothyGarcia-Esperon, CarlosBlair, Christopher Edwards, Leon S Chew, Beng L ADelcourt, CandiceSpratt, Neil JParsons, Mark WButcher, Ken S
3Jun-2022Diagnostic Utility of Computed Tomography Perfusion in the Telestroke SettingEvans, James W O'Brien, Bill Arora, K.Gaekwad, A.Ang, T.Garcia-Esperson, C.Blair, C.Edwards, L.S.Chew, B.L.A.Delcourt, C.Spratt, N.J.Parsons, M.W.Butcher, K.S.
4Mar-2022Diagnosis, differential diagnosis and misdiagnosis of Susac syndromeO'Brien, Bill Triplett, J.D.Qiu, J.Gopinath, S.Trewin, B.Spring, P.J.Shaffi, M.Ip, J.Chan, F.Chen, L.Muller, C.Beadnall, H.N.Boggild, M.Van der Walt, A.Roxburgh, R.Seery, N.Kalincik, T.Barnett, M.H.Parratt, J.D.E.Reddel, S.W.Tsang, B.Hardy, T.A.
5Dec-2021Telestroke Assessment With Perfusion CT Improves the Diagnostic Accuracy of Stroke vs. MimicEvans, James W O'Brien, Bill Tran, L.Lin, L.Spratt, N.J.Bivard, A.Chew, B.L.A.Levi, C.Ang, T.Alanati, K.Pepper, E.Garcia-Esperon, C.Parsons, M.
6Apr-2021The Need for Structured Strategies to Improve Stroke Care in a Rural Telestroke Network in Northern New South Wales, Australia: An Observational StudyO'Brien, Bill Kashida, Y.T.Garcia-Esperon, C.Lillicrap, T.Miteff, F.Garcia-Bermejo, P.Gangadharan, S.Chew, B.L.A.Evans, J.Alanati, K.Bivard, A.Parsons, M.Majersik, J.J.Spratt, N.J.Levi, C.
7Jan-2021What is the ‘Optimal’Target Mismatch Criteria for Acute Ischaemic Stroke?O'Brien, Bill Chen, C.Parsons, M.W.Levi, C.Spratt, N.J.Lin, L.Kleinig, T.Butcher, K.Cheng, X.Dong, Q.
8Jul-2020The neuro-otology of Susac syndromeO'Brien, Bill Hardy, T.ATaylor, R.L.Qiu, J.Gopinath, S.Trewin, B.Spring, P.J.Shaffi, M.Bolitho, S.J.Garsia, R.J.Roxburgh, R.Mason, D.F.Ip, J.Chan, F.Chen, L.Wilson, I.Beadnall, H.N.Barnett, M.H.Parratt, J.D.E.Watson, J.D.G.Welgampola, M.S.Reddel, S.W.Tsang, B.Halmagyi, G.M.
9Jul-2020Air vs. Road Decision for Endovascular Clot Retrieval in a Rural Telestroke NetworkEvans, James W O'Brien, Bill Gangadharan, S.Lillicrap, T.Miteff, F.Garcia-Bermejo, P.Wellings, T.Alanati, K.Levi, C.Parsons, M.W.Bivard, A.Garcia-Esperon, C.Spratt, N.J.
10Feb-2020Effect of Intravenous Tenecteplase Dose on Cerebral Reperfusion Before Thrombectomy in Patients With Large Vessel Occlusion Ischemic Stroke: The EXTEND-IA TNK Part 2 Randomized Clinical TrialO'Brien, Bill Campbell, B.C.V.Mitchell, P.J.Churilov, L.Yassi, N.Kleinig, T.J.Dowling, R.J.Yan, B.Bush, S.J.Thijs, V.Scroop, R.Simpson, M.Brooks, M.Asadi, H.Wu, T.Y.Shah, D.G.Wijeratne, T.Zhao, H.Alemseged, F.Ng, F.Bailey, P.Rice, H.de Villiers, L.Dewey, H.M.Choi, P.M.C.Brown, H.Redmond, K.Leggett, D.Fink, J.N.Collecutt, W.Kraemer, T.Krause, MartinCordato, D.Field, D.Ma, H.Clissold, B.Miteff, F.Clissold, A.Cloud, G.C.Bolitho, L.E.Bonavia, L.Bhattacharya, A.Wright, A.Mamun, A.O'Rourke, F.Worthington, J.Wong, A.A.Levi, C.R.Bladin, C.F.Sharma, G.Desmond, P.M.Parsons, M.W.Donnan, G.A.Davis, S.M.
11Feb-2020No Evidence of the "Weekend Effect" in the Northern New South Wales Telestroke NetworkO'Brien, Bill Evans, James W Lillicrap, T.Pinheiro, A.Miteff, F.Garcia-Bermejo, P.Gangadharan, S.Wellings, T.Alanati, K.Bivard, A.Parsons, M.Levi, C.Garcia-Esperon, C.Spratt, N.J.
12Dec-2019Spontaneous cervical epidural haematoma-diagnosis as unexpected finding by CT: case seriesNaeem, Adil Hanson, Julian Freebody, John Schutz, Anna O'Brien, Bill 
13Sep-2019Implementation of multimodal computed tomography in a telestroke network: Five-year experienceO'Brien, Bill Evans, James W Garcia-Esperon, C.Soderhjelm Dinkelspiel, F.Miteff, F.Gangadharan, S.Wellings, T.Lillicrap, T.Demeestere, J.Bivard, A.Parsons, M.Levi, C.Spratt, N.J.
14Apr-2019Relationship Between B-Vitamin Biomarkers and Dietary Intake with Apolipoprotein E є4 in Alzheimer's DiseaseSturm, Jonathan O'Brien, Bill Veysey, Martin D'Cunha, N.M.Georgousopoulou, E.N.Boyd, L.
15Aug-2018Calcified cerebral emboli: Incidence and implicationsBardon, Miguel Hanson, Julian O'Brien, Bill Naeem, Adil 
16Jun-2018Intravenous Thrombolysis May Not Improve Clinical Outcome of Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Without a Baseline Vessel OcclusionO'Brien, Bill Tian, H.Parsons, M.W.Levi, C.R.Cheng, X.Aviv, R.I.Spratt, N.J.Kleinig, T.J.Butcher, K.Lin, L.Zhang, J.Dong, Q.Chen, C.Bivard, A.
17Apr-2018Tenecteplase versus alteplase before endovascular thrombectomy (EXTEND-IA TNK): A multicenter, randomized, controlled studyO'Brien, Bill Campbell, B.C.Mitchell, P.J.Churilov, L.Yassi, N.Kleinig, T.J.Yan, B.Dowling, R.J.Bush, S.J.Dewey, H.M.Thijs, V.Simpson, M.Brooks, M.Asadi, H.Wu, T.Y.Shah, D.G.Wijeratne, T.Ang, T.Miteff, F.Levi, C.Krause, MartinHarrington, T.J.Faulder, K.C.Steinfort, B.S.Bailey, P.Rice, H.de Villiers, L.Scroop, R.Collecutt, W.Wong, A.A.Coulthard, A.Barber, P.A.McGuinness, B.Field, D.Ma, H.Chong, W.Chandra, R.V.Bladin, C.F.Brown, H.Redmond, K.Leggett, D.Cloud, G.Madan, A.Mahant, N.Worthington, J.Parker, G.Desmond, P.M.Parsons, M.W.Donnan, G.A.Davis, S.M.
18Mar-2017Perfusion computed tomography in patients with stroke thrombolysisO'Brien, Bill Kawano, H.Bivard, A.Lin, L.Ma, H.Cheng, X.Aviv, R.I.Butcher, K.Lou, M.Zhang, J.Jannes, J.Dong, Q.Levi, C.R.Parsons, M.W.
19Mar-2017Validating a predictive model of acute advanced imaging biomarkers in ischemic strokeO'Brien, Bill Bivard, A.Levi, C.R.Lin, L.Cheng, X.Aviv, R.I.Spratt, N.J.Lou, M.Kleinig, T.Butcher, K.Zhang, J.Jannes, J.Dong, Q.Parsons, M.W.
20Aug-2016Too good to treat? Ischemic stroke patients with small computed tomography perfusion lesions may not benefit from thrombolysisO'Brien, Bill Bivard, A.Lou, M.Levi, C.R.Krishnamurthy, V.Cheng, X.Aviv, R.I.McElduff, P.Lin, L.Kleinig, T.Butcher, K.Jingfen, Z.Jannes, J.Dong, Q.Parsons, M.W.