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Denis Crimmins
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Crimmins, Denis
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1Apr-2016Phenotypic insights into ADCY5-associated diseaseCrimmins, Denis Chang, F.C.Westenberger, A.Dale, R.C.Smith, M.Pall, H.C.Perez-Duenas, B.Grattan-Smith, P.Ouvrier, R.A.Mahant, N.Hanna, B.C.Hunter, M.Lawson, J.A.Max, D.Sachdev, R.Meyer, E.Pryor, D.Morris, J.G.Munchau, A.Grozeva, D.Carss, K.J.Raymond, L.Kurian, M.A.Klein, C.Fung, V.S.
2Jun-2015Teaching NeuroImages: Spontaneous Spinal Epidural Hematoma with Spot Sign PositivitySchutz, Anna Rama Asary, Priyal O'Brien, Bill Crimmins, Denis Hanson, Julian 
3Jan-2014Can Lower Risk Patients Presenting with Transient Ischaemic Attack be Safely Managed as Outpatients?Griffiths, D.Sturm, Jonathan Heard, Robert Reyneke, Elizabeth Whyte, Scott Clarke, T.A.O'Brien, Bill Crimmins, Denis 
4Feb-2012FASTER (Face, Arm, Speech, Time, Emergency Response): Experience of Central Coast Stroke Services Implementation of a Pre-Hospital Notification System for Expedient Management of Acute StrokeO'Brien, Bill Crimmins, Denis Donaldson, W.Risti, R.Clarke, T.A.Whyte, Scott Sturm, Jonathan 
5Feb-2010imProving Outcomes after STroke clinical pilot trial protocolSturm, Jonathan Crimmins, Denis Hackett, M.L.Carter, G.Clarke, T.Maddock, K.
62010The use of zolpidem in the treatment of progressive supranuclear palsyCotter, C.Armytage, Tasman Crimmins, Denis 
7Jun-2008Venous and arterial thrombo-embolic complications of hormonal treatment in a male-to-female transgender patientSturm, Jonathan Crimmins, Denis Whyte, Scott Mullins, G. M.O'Sullivan, S. S.Kinsella, J.McEnroy, D.
8Aug-2007Perimetric homonymous visual field loss post-strokeSturm, Jonathan Whyte, Scott Crimmins, Denis Townend, Bradley Petsoglou, C.O'Leary, Bernie
9May-2007Longitudinal prevalence and determinants of early mood disorder post-strokeSturm, Jonathan Crimmins, Denis Whyte, Scott Townend, Bradley Desborough, T.Markus, R.Levi, C.R.
10Dec-1990Lead Intoxication in an Anuric Patient: Management by Intraperitoneal EDTARoger, Simon D Crimmins, Denis Yiannikas, C.Harris, D.C.