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Denis Crimmins
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Crimmins, Denis
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2016Phenotypic insights into ADCY5-associated diseaseCrimmins, Denis 
2Jun-2015Teaching NeuroImages: Spontaneous Spinal Epidural Hematoma with Spot Sign PositivitySchutz, Anna ; Rama Asary, Priyal ; O'Brien, Bill ; Crimmins, Denis ; Hanson, Julian 
3Jan-2014Can Lower Risk Patients Presenting with Transient Ischaemic Attack be Safely Managed as Outpatients?Griffiths, D.; Sturm, Jonathan ; Heard, Robert ; Reyneke, Elizabeth ; Whyte, Scott ; Clarke, T.A.; O'Brien, Bill ; Crimmins, Denis 
4Feb-2012FASTER (Face, Arm, Speech, Time, Emergency Response): Experience of Central Coast Stroke Services Implementation of a Pre-Hospital Notification System for Expedient Management of Acute StrokeO'Brien, Bill ; Crimmins, Denis ; Donaldson, W.; Risti, R.; Clarke, T.A.; Whyte, Scott ; Sturm, Jonathan 
5Feb-2010imProving Outcomes after STroke clinical pilot trial protocolSturm, Jonathan ; Crimmins, Denis 
62010The use of zolpidem in the treatment of progressive supranuclear palsyCotter, C.; Armytage, Tasman ; Crimmins, Denis 
7Jun-2008Venous and arterial thrombo-embolic complications of hormonal treatment in a male-to-female transgender patientSturm, Jonathan ; Crimmins, Denis ; Whyte, Scott 
8Aug-2007Perimetric homonymous visual field loss post-strokeSturm, Jonathan ; Whyte, Scott ; Crimmins, Denis 
9May-2007Longitudinal prevalence and determinants of early mood disorder post-strokeSturm, Jonathan ; Crimmins, Denis ; Whyte, Scott 
10Dec-1990Lead Intoxication in an Anuric Patient: Management by Intraperitoneal EDTARoger, Simon D ; Crimmins, Denis ; Yiannikas, C.; Harris, D.C.