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Roger, Simon D
Roger, S.D.
Roger, Simon
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1Apr-2022Factors Associated With Advanced Colorectal Neoplasia in Patients With CKDRoger, Simon D Au, E.H.Wong, G.Howard, K.Chapman, J.R.Castells, A.Bourke, M.J.Macaskill, P.Turner, R.Lim, W.H.Lok, C.E.Diekmann, F.Cross, N.Sen, S.Allen, R.D.Chadban, S.J.Pollock, C.A.Tong, A.Teixeira-Pinto, A.Yang, J.Y.H.Kieu, A.James, L.Craig, J.C.
218-Sep-2021Kidney transplant cortical necrosis observed during pelvic radiation therapyRoger, Simon D Jain, Arunima Windsor, Apsara Chou, A.
3Sep-2021HIF-Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibitors: Confirmed Efficacy with Uncertain SafetyRoger, Simon D Coyne, D.W.
4Aug-2021Alopecia areata: A rare side effect of prazosinRoger, Simon D Mangkorntongsakul, Varitsara Thilagarajan, Chinthuran Arianejad, F.Howard, V.Smith, S.D.
5Dec-2020Health-related quality of life in people across the spectrum of chronic kidney diseaseRoger, Simon D Krishnan, A.Teixeira-Pinto, A.Lim, W.H.Howard, K.Chapman, J.R.Castells, A.Bourke, M.J.Macaskill, P.Williams, G.
6Nov-2020Clinical Management of HyperkalemiaRoger, Simon D Palmer, B.F.Carrero, J.J.Clegg, D.J.Colbert, G.B.Emmett, M.Fishbane, Steven Hain, D.J.Lerma, E.Onuigbo, M.Rastogi, A.Spinowitz, B.S.Weir, M.R.
7Aug-2019Hyponatremia in Heart FailureRoger, Simon D Tee, S.L.Sindone, Andrew Atherton, J.Amerena, J.D'Emden, M.Erlich, J.DePasquale, C.
8Jun-2019One-Time Fecal Immunochemical Screening for Advanced Colorectal Neoplasia in Patients with CKD (DETECT Study)Roger, Simon D Wong, G.Hope, R.L.Howard, K.Chapman, J.R.Castells, A.Bourke, M.J.Macaskill, P.Turner, R.Williams, G.Lim, W.H.Lok, C.E.Diekmann, F.Cross, N.B.Sen, S.Allen, R.D.Chadban, S.J.Pollock, C.A.Tong, A.Teixeira-Pinto, A.Yang, J.Y.H.Williams, N.Au, E.H.K.Kieu, A.James, L.Craig, J.C.
9Jun-2019Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate among Individuals with Hyperkalemia: A 12-Month Phase 3 StudyRoger, Simon D Spinowitz, B.S.Fishbane, Steven Pergola, P.E.Lerma, E.V.Butler, J.von Haehling, S.Adler, S.H.Zhao, J.Singh, B.Lavin, P.T.McCullough, P.A.Kosiborod, M.Packham, D.
10Mar-2019Nail clubbing in laxative abuse: case report and review of the literatureRoger, Simon D Smith, Saxon D Charlton, O.A.Dickison, P.
11Sep-2018Beware what lies beneath: a case of a gigantic cutaneous squamous cell carcinomaRoger, Simon D Dickison, P.Howard, V.Smith, Saxon D 
12Jan-2018Randomised controlled trial to determine the efficacy and safety of prescribed water intake to prevent kidney failure due to autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (PREVENT-ADPKD)Roger, Simon D Wong, A.T.Y.Mannix, C.Grantham, J.J.Allman-Farinelli, M.Badve, S.V.Boudville, N.Byth, K.Chan, J.Coulshed, S.Edwards, M.E.Erickson, B.J.Fernando, M.Foster, S.Haloob, I.Harris, D.C.H.Hawley, C.M.Hill, J.Howard, K.Howell, M.Jiang, S.H.Johnson, D.W.Kline, T.L.Kumar, K.Lee, V.W.Lonergan, M.Mai, J.McCloud, P.Peduto, A.Rangan, A.Sud, K.Torres, V.Vliayuri, E.Rangan, G.K.
13Dec-2017Intravenous iron and erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in haemodialysis: A systematic review and meta-analysisRoger, Simon D Tio, M.Park, H.C.Choong, H.L.Goh, B.Cushway, T.R.Stevens, V.Macdougall, I.C.
14Dec-2017Practical considerations for iron therapy in the management of anaemia in patients with chronic kidney diseaseRoger, Simon D 
15Dec-2017Erythropoietic response to oral iron in patients with nondialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease in the FIND-CKD trialRoger, Simon D Macdougall, I.C.Bock, A.H.Carrera, F.Eckardt, K.U.Gaillard, Carlo Wyck, D.V.Meier, Y.Larroque, S.Perrin, A.
16Sep-2017Safety of intravenous ferric carboxymaltose versus oral iron in patients with nondialysis-dependent CKD: an analysis of the 1-year FIND-CKD trialRoger, Simon D Gaillard, Carlo Bock, A.H.Carrera, F.Eckardt, K.U.Van Wyck, David Cronin, M.Meier, Y.Larroque, S.Macdougall, I.C.
17Jan-2017Renal function in patients with non-dialysis chronic kidney disease receiving intravenous ferric carboxymaltose: an analysis of the randomized FIND-CKD trialRoger, Simon D Macdougall, I.C.Bock, A.H.Carrera, F.Eckardt, K.U.Gaillard, Carlo Meier, Y.Larroque, S.Van Wyck, David 
18Jun-2016Hepcidin Response to Iron Therapy in Patients with Non-Dialysis Dependent CKD: An Analysis of the FIND-CKD TrialRoger, Simon D Gaillard, Carlo Bock, A.H.Carrera, F.Eckardt, K.U.Van Wyck, David Bansal, S.S.Cronin, M.Meier, Y.Larroque, S.Macdougall, I.C.
19Jun-2016A Novel Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-Prolyl Hydroxylase Inhibitor (GSK1278863) for Anemia in CKD: A 28-Day, Phase 2A Randomized TrialRoger, Simon D Brigandi, R.A.Johnson, B.Oei, C.Westerman, M.Olbina, G.de Zoysa, J.Sahay, M.Cross, N.McMahon, L.Guptha, V.Smolyarchuk, E.A.Singh, N.Russ, S.F.Kumar, S.
20Mar-2016Cardiovascular risk reduction in hypertension: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers. Where are we up to?Roger, Simon D Sindone, Andrew Erlich, J.Lee, C.Newman, Henry Suranyi, M.
21Dec-2015New data on the safety of IV iron-but why the discrepancy with FIND-CKD?Roger, Simon D MacDougall, I.C.
22Jul-2015Peginesatide to manage Anemia in chronic kidney disease patients on peritoneal dialysisRoger, Simon D Zabaneh, RajaEl-Shahawy, MohamedRoppolo, MichaelRunyan, Grant O'Neil, Janet Ping, Qiu
23Jan-2015Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate in HyperkalemiaPackham, D.Rasmussen, H.Lavin, P.El-Shahawy, M.Roger, Simon D Block, G.Qunibi, Wajeh Y Pergola, P.Singh, B.
24Dec-2014Effect of sodium zirconium cyclosilicate on potassium lowering for 28 days among outpatients with Hyperkalemia: The HARMONIZE Randomized Clinical TrialKosiborod, M.Rasmussen, H.Lavin, P.Qunibi, Wajeh Y Spinowitz, B.S.Packham, D.Roger, Simon D Yang, A.Lerma, E.Singh, B.
25Nov-2014FIND-CKD: A Randomized Trial of Intravenous Ferric Carboxymaltose Versus Oral Iron in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Iron Deficiency Anaemia.MacDougall, I.C.Bock, Andreas Carrera, Fernando Eckardt, Kai-Uwe Gaillard, Carlo Van Wyck, David Roubert, Bernard Nolen, Jacqueline Roger, Simon D 
26May-2014Darbepoetin Alfa once monthly corrects Anaemia in patients with chronic kidney disease not on dialysisRoger, Simon D Kolmakova, Elena Fung, Maple Malecki, Robert Vinhas, Jose Dellanna, Frank Thomas, Mark Manamley, Nick Ferenczi, Sandor 
27Apr-2014The FIND-CKD Study: A randomized controlled trial of intravenous iron versus oral iron in non-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients: Background and rationaleMacDougall, I.C.Bock, Andreas Carrera, Fernando Eckardt, Kai-Uwe Gaillard, Carlo Van Wyck, David Cushway, Timothy Roger, Simon D 
28Feb-2014A randomised single-blind study to improve health-related quality of life by treating Anaemia of chronic kidney disease with Aranesp(R) (darbepoetin alfa) in older people: STIMULATERoger, Simon D Jassal, Sarbjit Woodward, Michael Soroka, Steven McMahon, L.P.
29Sep-2013ACEIs for cardiovascular risk reduction: Have we taken our eye off the ball?Sindone, Andrew Erlich, Jonathan Parkovic, Vlado Suranyi, Michael Newman, Henry Lee, Choon Barin, Edward Roger, Simon D 
30Sep-2013Test performance characteristics of quantitative nucleic acid testing for polyomaviruses in kidney and kidney-pancreas transplant recipientsMyint, T.M.Turner, R.M.Craig, J.C.Cross, N.B.Kable, K.Nankivell, B.J.Chapman, J.R.Webster, Angela C O'Connell, P.Dwyer, D.E.Jeoffreys, N.Roger, Simon D Wong, Gordon 
31Apr-2013Peginesatide for maintenance treatment of Anemia in hemodialysis and nondialysis patients previously treated with Darbepoetin AlfaFishbane, Steven Roger, Simon D Martin, Edward Runyan, Grant O'Neil, Janet Qiu, Ping Locatelli, Francesco 
32Nov-2012Arteriovenous fistula surveillance: Everyone's responsibilityFedderson, Martin A Roger, Simon D 
33Apr-2012Antibody-mediated pure red cell aplasia in chronic kidney disease patients receiving erythropoiesis-stimulating agents: New insightsMacDougall, I.C.Roger, Simon D De Francisco, Angel Goldsmith, David J A Schellekens, Huub Ebbers, Hans Jelkmann, Wolfgang London, Gérard Casadevall, Nicole Hörl, Walter HKemeny, David M Pollock, Carol 
34Jan-2012Safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of subcutaneous biosimilar Epoetin-Alpha (HX575) in non-dialysis patients with Renal Anemia: a Multi-Center, Randomized, Double-Blind StudyHaag-Weber, Marianne Eckardt, Kai-Uwe Roger, Simon D Vetter, Andrea Roth, Karsten 
3510.1186_1471-2458-11-516.pdf.jpgJun-2011Test Performance of Faecal Occult Blood Testing for the Detection of Bowel Cancer in People with Chronic Kidney Disease (DETECT) ProtocolWong, Germaine Howard, K.Chapman, J.R.Tong, Allison Bourke, Michael Hayen, Andrew Macaskill, P.Hope, Richard Williams, Narelle Kieu, Anh Allen, Richard Chadban, Steven Pollock, Carol Webster, Angela C Roger, Simon D Craig, J.C.
36May-2011A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Intravenous Ferric Carboxymaltose with Oral Iron for Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anaemia of Non-Dialysis- Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsQunibi, Wajeh Y Martinez, Carlos Smith, M.Benjamin, Joseph Mangione, Antoinette Roger, Simon D 
37May-2011Hypercalcaemia as a prodromal feature of indolent pneumocystis jivorecii after renal transplantationBency, Rosamma Roger, Simon D Elder, Grahame J 
38Apr-2011C.E.R.A. once every 4 weeks corrects Anaemia and maintains haemoglobin in patients with chronic kidney disease not on dialysisRoger, Simon D Locatelli, Francesco Woitas, Rainer Laville, Maurice Tobe, Sheldon Provenzano, Robert Golper, Thomas Ruangkanchanasetr, Prajej Lee, Ho Yung Wu, Kwan-Dun Ladanyi, Agnes Martinez-Castelao, Alberto Ulrich, Beyer Dougherty, Frank 
39Nov-2010Diagnosis and management of iron deficiency Anaemia: A clinical updatePasricha, Sant-Rayn Flecknoe-Brown, Stephen Allen, Katrina Gibson, Peter R McMahon, L.P.Olynyk, John Roger, Simon D Savoia, Helen Tampi, Ramdas Thompson, Amanda R Wood, Erica Robinson, Kathryn 
40Jul-2010Biosimilars: Current status and future directionsRoger, Simon D 
41Mar-2010Maintenance of elevated versus physiological iron indices in non-anaemic patients with chronic kidney disease: a randomized controlled trialRoger, Simon D McMahon, L.P.Kent, A.B.Kerr, Peter Healy, H.Irish, A.B.Cooper, B.Kark, A.
42Oct-2009Managing Anaemia of chronic kidney diseaseRoger, Simon D 
43Apr-2009Albuminuria: Chasing the message not the messengerBirn, Henrik Roger, Simon D 
44Feb-2009A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Cinacalcet HCl in Participants with CKD not Receiving DialysisChonchol, Michel Locatelli, Francesco Abboud, Hanna E De Francisco, Angel Jolly, Shivinder Kaplan, Mark Roger, Simon D Sarkar, Shyamal Albizem, Moetaz B Mix, T.C.Kubo, Yuni Block, Geoffrey A 
45Jan-2009Longitudinal analysis of performance of estimated glomerular filtration rate as renal function declines in chronic kidney diseaseLee, Darren Levin, Adeera Roger, Simon D McMahon, L.P.
46Oct-2008Biosimilars: It's not as simple as cost aloneRoger, Simon D Goldsmith, David J A 
47Aug-2008A randomised, cross-over study comparing injection site pain with subcutaneous Epoetin Beta and subcutaneous Darbepoetin Alfa in patients with chronic kidney diseaseRoger, Simon D Suranyi, Michael Walker, Rowan Disney, Alex Isbel, Nicole M Kairaitis, Lukas Pollock, Carol Brown, Fiona G Chow, J.Truman, Matt Ulyate, Kellie 
48Aug-2008Extended administration of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents for optimising the management of Renal Anaemia: What is the evidence?Roger, Simon D 
49Aug-2007Biosimilars: Opportunity or cause for concern?Roger, Simon D Mikhail, Ashraf 
50Mar-2007Epoetin Trials: Randomised controlled trials don't always mimic observational dataRoger, Simon D Levin, Adeera 
51Feb-2007The kidney: victim or villain in heart failure?Roger, Simon D 
52Oct-2006Comparative testing and pharmacovigilance of biosimilarsLocatelli, Francesco Roger, Simon D 
53Sep-2006Implementing iron management clinical practice guidelines in patients with chronic kidney disease having dialysisIrving, Michelle Craig, J.C.Gallagher, M.P.McDonald, Stephen Polkinghorne, Kevan R Walker, Rowan Roger, Simon D 
54Aug-2006Biosimilars: How similar or dissimilar are they?Roger, Simon D 
55May-2006Effect of early correction of Anemia on the progression of CKDRossert, Jerome Levin, Adeera Roger, Simon D Horl, Walter Gassmann-Mayer, Cristiana Frei, Dieter McClellan, William 
56May-2006Proton pump inhibitors and acute interstitial nephritisGeevasinga, Nimeshan Coleman, Patrick L Webster, Angela C Roger, Simon D 
57Mar-2006Assessment of the Bioequivalence of a Generic Cyclosporine A by a Randomized Controlled Trial in Stable Renal RecipientsHibberd, Adrian D Trevillian, Paul R Roger, Simon D Wlodarczyk, John H Stein, Ann M Bohringer, Elizabeth G Milson-Hawke, Sally M 
58Feb-2006Clinical correlates and consequences of anemia in a broad spectrum of patients with heart failure: Results of the candesartan in heart failure: Assessment of Reduction in Mortality and Morbidity (CHARM) ProgramO'Meara, Eileen Clayton, Tim McEntegart, M.McMurray, John J V Lang, Chim C Roger, Simon D Young, James B Solomon, Scott D Granger, Christopher Ostergren, Jan Olofsson, Bertil Michelson, Eric L Pocock, Stuart Yusuf, Salim Swedberg, Karl Pfeffer, Marc A 
59Jun-2005Fistula Dysfunction Secondary to a Subcutaneous Myelomatous DepositBoshell, David Sabharwal, Rohan Keen, Ross Coleman, Patrick L Vladica, Phillip Roger, Simon D 
60Mar-2005Cinacalcet HCl, An Oral Calcimimetic Agent for the Treatment of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Multicenter StudyLindberg, Jill S Culleton, Bruce Wong, Gordon Borah, Michael F Clark, Roderick V Shapiro, Warren B Roger, Simon D Husserl, Fred E Klassen, Preston S Guo, Matthew D Albizem, Moetaz B Coburn, Jack W 
61Feb-2005Rabeprazole-Induced acute interstitial nephritisGeevasinga, Nimeshan Coleman, Patrick L Roger, Simon D 
62Aug-2004What is the practical conversion dose when changing from Epoetin Alfa to Darbepoetin outside of clinical trials?Roger, Simon D Chen, S.C.Lawrence, S.Sorrell, T.C.
63Aug-2004Darbepoetin Alfa effectively treats Anemia in patients with chronic kidney disease with De Novo Every-Other-Week administrationToto, Robert Pichette, Vincent Navarro, Jesus Brenner, Robert Carroll, Wendi Liu, Wei Roger, Simon D 
64Jun-2004Development, prevention, and potential reversal of left ventricular hypertrophy in chronic kidney diseaseMcMahon, L.P.Roger, Simon D Levin, Adeera 
65Jan-2004Effects of early and late intervention with Epoetin Alpha on left entricular mass among patients with chronic kidney disease (stage 3 or 4): Results of a randomized clinical trialRoger, Simon D McMahon, L.P.Clarkson, Anthony Disney, Alex Harris, D.C.Hawley, Carmel Healy, Helen Kerr, Peter Lynn, Kevin Parnham, Alan Pascoe, Roess Voss, David Walker, R.G.Levin, Adeera 
66Mar-2002Epoetin treatment: What are the arguments to expect a beneficial effect on renal disease progression?Rossert, Jerome McClellan, William Roger, Simon D Verbeelen, Dierik 
67Jan-2002Contribution of Anaemia to progression of renal disease: A debateRossert, Jerome McClellan, William Roger, Simon D Verbeelen, Dierik Horl, Walter 
68Oct-1997Primary IgA nephropathy: natural history and factors of importance in the progression of renal impairmentRoger, Simon D Ibels, L.S.Gyory, A.Z.Caterson, R.J.Pollock, C.A.Mahony, J.F.Waugh, D.A.Coulshed, S.
691996Recombinant Erythropoietin increases blood pressure in experimental hypertension and Uraemia without change in Vascular Cytosolic CalciumRoger, Simon D Fluck, Richard McMahon, Aisling Raine, Anthony 
70Jan-1994What is the Value of Measuring Renal Parenchymal Thickness before Renal Biopsy?Roger, Simon D Beale, A.M.Cattell, W.R.Webb, J.A.
71Jan-1994Modulation of platelet cytosolic calcium during Erythropoietin Therapy in UraemiaFluck, Richard Roger, Simon D McMahon, Aisling Raine, Anthony 
72Feb-1993Autonomic dysfunction and the development of hypertension in patients treated with recombinant Human Erythropoietin (r-HuEPO)Roger, Simon D Baker, Laurence Raine, Anthony 
73Jan-1993Enhanced platelet reactivity with Erythropoietin but not following transfusion in dialysis patientsRoger, Simon D Piper, J.Tucker, B.Raine, Anthony Baker, Laurence Kovcas, I.B.
741993Improvement in anaemia following renal transplantation but not after erythropoietin therapy in a patient with sickle-cell diseaseRoger, Simon D Thuraisingham, R.C.Macdougall, I.C.Cavill, I.Stephens, A.D.Baker, L.R.Raine, Anthony 
75Oct-1992Effects of oxygen breathing and Erythropoietin on Hypoxic Vasodilation in Uremic AnemiaRoger, Simon D Grasty, Marianne Baker, Laurence Raine, Anthony 
76Jan-1992Comparison of haemostatic activity in haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients with a novel technique, haemostatometryRoger, Simon D Piper, J.Tucker, B.Raine, Anthony Baker, Laurence Kovcas, I.B.
77Oct-1991Low dose Erythropoietin in maintenance haemodialysis: Improvement in quality of life and reduction in true cost of haemodialysisHarris, D.C.Chapman, J.R.Stewart, J.H.Lawrence, S.Roger, Simon D 
78Oct-1991Effects of Erythropoietin on blood pressureRaine, Anthony Roger, Simon D 
79Feb-1991Hepatitis C virus infection in haemodialysis patientsRoger, Simon D Crewe, E.Cunningham, A.Harris, D.C.
801991Desferrioxamine enhances the haemopoietic response to Erythropoietin, but adverse events are commonRoger, Simon D Stewart, J.H.Harris, D.C.
811991Pseudomonas putrefaciens bacteraemia in a peritoneal dialysis patientRoger, Simon D Chen, S.C.Lawrence, S.Sorrell, T.C.
82Dec-1990Lead Intoxication in an Anuric Patient: Management by Intraperitoneal EDTARoger, Simon D Crimmins, Denis Yiannikas, C.Harris, D.C.
83Oct-1989Combined pancreas and kidney transplantation: a pilot studyRoger, Simon D Allen, R.D.Chapman, J.R.Deane, S.A.Wilson, T.G.Ekberg, H.Stewart, J.H.Lawrence, S.Harris, D.C.Little, J.M.
84Oct-1989Sensitization and renal transplantation in New South WalesRoger, Simon D Hibbins, M.Wright, J.Chapman, J.R.