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Angela C Webster
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Webster, Angela C
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2013Test performance characteristics of quantitative nucleic acid testing for polyomaviruses in kidney and kidney-pancreas transplant recipientsMyint, T.M.; Turner, R.M.; Craig, J.C.; Cross, N.B.; Kable, K.; Nankivell, B.J.; Chapman, J.R.; Webster, Angela C ; O'Connell, P.; Dwyer, D.E.; Jeoffreys, N.; Roger, Simon D ; Wong, Gordon 
2Jun-2011Test Performance of Faecal Occult Blood Testing for the Detection of Bowel Cancer in People with Chronic Kidney Disease (DETECT) ProtocolWong, Germaine ; Howard, K.; Chapman, J.R.; Tong, Allison ; Bourke, Michael ; Hayen, Andrew ; Macaskill, P.; Hope, Richard ; Williams, Narelle ; Kieu, Anh ; Allen, Richard ; Chadban, Steven ; Pollock, Carol ; Webster, Angela C ; Roger, Simon D ; Craig, J.C.
3May-2006Proton pump inhibitors and acute interstitial nephritisGeevasinga, Nimeshan ; Coleman, Patrick L ; Webster, Angela C ; Roger, Simon D