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Julian Hanson
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Hanson, Julian
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12020Assessment of Management Delays Attributable to Screening for Renal Impairment Using Laboratory Serum Creatinine for Low Renal Risk ED Patients Undergoing IV Contrast CTHanson, Julian Trethewy, Christopher Schulze, Morgan 
2Dec-2019Spontaneous cervical epidural haematoma-diagnosis as unexpected finding by CT: case seriesNaeem, Adil Hanson, Julian Freebody, John Schutz, Anna O'Brien, Bill 
3Aug-2018Calcified cerebral emboli: Incidence and implicationsBardon, Miguel Hanson, Julian O'Brien, Bill Naeem, Adil 
4Jun-2015Teaching NeuroImages: Spontaneous Spinal Epidural Hematoma with Spot Sign PositivitySchutz, Anna Rama Asary, Priyal O'Brien, Bill Crimmins, Denis Hanson, Julian 
5Jul-2003Is ovarian and adrenal venous catheterization and sampling helpful in the investigation of hyperandrogenic women?Hanson, Julian Kaltsas, G.A.Mukherjee, J.J.Kola, B.Isidori, A.M.Dacie, J.E.Reznek, R.Monson, J.P.Grossman, A.B.
6May-2002Radiologic and clinical spectrum of occipital condyle fractures: Retrospective review of 107 consecutive fractures in 95 patientsHanson, Julian Deliganis, A. V.Baxter, A. B.Cohen, W. A.Linnau, K. F.Wilson, A. J.Mann, F. A.
7Feb-2002Emergency endovascular stent-graft repair for thoracic aortic injuryHanson, Julian Brooks, D. M.Raman, J. S.
82002Aortic dissectionHanson, Julian 
9Nov-2000CT assessment of tumour response to treatment: comparison of linear, cross-sectional and volumetric measures of tumour sizeHanson, Julian Sohaib, S. A.Turner, B.Farquharson, M.Oliver, R. T.Reznek, R. H.
10Oct-2000Radiologic spectrum of craniocervical distraction injuriesHanson, Julian Deliganis, A. V.Baxter, A. B.Fisher, D. J.Cohen, W. A.Wilson, A. J.Mann, F. A.
11May-2000Ultrasound detection of pneumoperitoneum due to colonic diverticulum perforationHanson, Julian Hart, M.Dubinsky, T.
12Apr-2000Diagnosis of renal pelvis subepithelial hemorrhage using unenhanced helical CTHanson, Julian Phinney, A.Talner, L. B.
13Mar-2000Cervical spine injury: A clinical decision rule to identify high-risk patients for helical CT screeningHanson, Julian Blackmore, C. C.Mann, F. A.Wilson, A. J.
14Jan-2000Predisposition for spinal fracture in ankylosing spondylitisHanson, Julian Mirza, S.
152000Cervical spine injury: Accuracy of helical CT used as a screening techniqueHanson, Julian Blackmore, C. C.Mann, F. A.Wilson, A. J.
16Sep-1999Maisonneuve fracture of the fibula: implications for imaging ankle injuryHanson, Julian Fotoohi, M.Wilson, A. J.
17Feb-1999Computed tomography appearance of the thymus and anterior mediastinum in active Cushing's syndromeHanson, Julian Sohaib, S. A.Newell-Price, J.Islam, N.Monson, J. P.Trainer, P. J.Grossman, A.Besser, G. M.Reznek, R. H.
181999Radiological Evaluation of Intrathoracic Extension and Resectability of Non-Small Cell Lung CancerHanson, Julian Van Houtte, P.Klastersky, J.Rocmans, P.Armstrong, P.
191997Staging intrathoracic non-small-cell lung cancerHanson, Julian Armstrong, P.
20Nov-1996Magnetic resonance imaging of adrenocortical adenomas in childhood: Correlation with computed tomography and ultrasoundHanson, Julian Weber, A.Reznek, R. H.Cotterill, A. M.Ross, R. J.Harris, R. J.Armstrong, P.Savage, M. O.
21Jan-1996Myasthenia gravis presenting with stridorHanson, Julian Lueck, C. J.Thomas, D. J.
221994Aortic root thrombus causing stroke in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosusHanson, Julian Lloyd, M. E.Hughes, G. R.