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Title: Cervical spine injury: A clinical decision rule to identify high-risk patients for helical CT screening
Authors: Hanson, Julian ;Blackmore, C. C.;Mann, F. A.;Wilson, A. J.
Issue Date: Mar-2000
Source: Volume 174, Issue 3, pp. 713-717
Journal title: American Journal of Roentgenology
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: We aimed to validate the routine use of a clinical decision rule to direct diagnostic imaging of adult blunt trauma patients at high risk for cervical spine injury. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We previously developed and have since routinely used a prediction rule based on six clinical parameters to identify patients at greater than 5% risk of cervical spine injury to undergo screening helical CT of the cervical spine. During a 6-month period, 4285 screening imaging studies of the cervical spine were performed in adult blunt trauma patients. Six hundred one patients (398 males, 203 females; age range, 16-100 years; median age, 38 years) underwent helical CT, and the remainder underwent 3684 conventional radiographic examinations. Clinical and report data were extracted from the radiology department database, medical records, and the hospital trauma registry. Abnormal findings were independently confirmed by additional imaging studies, autopsy results, or clinical outcome. RESULTS: The true-positive cervical spine injury rates in helical CT- and conventional radiography-screened patients who presented directly to our trauma center were 40 (8.7%) of 462 and seven (0.2%) of 3684, respectively. The cervical spine injury rate in patients who were transferred from outside institutions to our trauma center and who underwent helical CT was 37 (26.6%) of 139. This figure included 20 patients already known to have cervical spine fracture. CONCLUSION: The clinical decision rule can distinguish patients at high and low risk of cervical spine injury, thus supporting its validity.
DOI: 10.2214/ajr.174.3.1740713
ISSN: 0361-803x
Publicaton type: Journal Article
Keywords: Radiology
Diagnostic Imaging
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