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Title: Staging intrathoracic non-small-cell lung cancer
Authors: Hanson, Julian ;Armstrong, P.
Issue Date: 1997
Source: Volume 7, Issue 2, pp. 161-172
Journal title: European Radiology
Abstract: This article outlines the ability of imaging techniques to stage intrathoracic non-small-cell lung cancer, particularly the extent of primary tumour (T stage), and the presence of nodal metastases (N stage). The detection of hilar and mediastinal lymph-node metastases by CT is covered initially, followed by an appraisal of MRI and radionuclide imaging techniques. Finally, the evaluation of mediastinal and chest-wall invasion by CT and MRI is described, and note is made of developing applications of ultrasound and endosonography. Computed tomography remains the standard technique, but its limitations are discussed, as is the value of other complementary imaging techniques.
DOI: 10.1007/s003300050128
ISSN: 0938-7994
Publicaton type: Journal Article
Keywords: Radiology
Diagnostic Imaging
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