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Nicholas Goodwin
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Goodwin, Nicholas
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1Apr-2024Fit-for-purpose-The bottom-up redesign of the nursing home system: The Australian Aged Care SystemSturmberg, Joachim PGainsford, LenPond, DimityGoodwin, Nicholas 
230-Jan-2024Improving end-of-life care for people with dementia: a mixed-methods studyTriandafilidis, Zoi Carr, Sally Davis, Daneill Jeong, Sarah Yeun-Sim Hensby, Jacinta Wong, Daniel Attia, JohnGoodwin, Nicholas 
323-Jan-2024Systemic failures in nursing home care-A scoping studySturmberg, Joachim PGainsford, LenGoodwin, Nicholas Pond, Dimity
49-Jan-2024What care do people with dementia receive at the end of life? Lessons from a retrospective clinical audit of deaths in hospital and other settingsTriandafilidis, Zoi Carr, Sally Davis, Daneill Chiu, SimonLeigh, LucyJeong, Sarah Yeun-Sim Wong, Daniel Hensby, Jacinta Lewis, Suzanne Attia, JohnGoodwin, Nicholas 
52024Chapter 26: Structural perspectives on healthcare and environmental sustainabilityZurynski, YvonneGoodwin, Nicholas Wijekulasuriya, ShaliniBraithwaite, JeffreyZurynski, YvonneK-lynn Smith, Carolynn
62024Integrated Care in Epilepsy Management: A Scoping Review of the Models and Components of Health and Social Care DeliverySpanos, SamanthaHutchinson, Karen Ryder, TayhlaRapport, FrancesGoodwin, Nicholas Zurynski, Yvonne
77-May-2023Models of care for people with dementia approaching end of life: A rapid reviewLewis, Suzanne Triandafilidis, Zoi Curryer, Cassie Jeong, Sarah Yeun-Sim Goodwin, Nicholas Carr, Sally Davis, Daneill 
8Feb-2022Validation of a conceptual framework aimed to standardize and compare care integration initiatives: the project INTEGRATE frameworkGoodwin, Nicholas Calciolari, S.Gonz├ílez Ortiz, L.Stein, V.
9May-2021"Slow science" for 21st century healthcare: reinventing health service research that serves fast-paced, high-complexity care organisationsGoodwin, Nicholas Jorm, C.Iedema, R.Piper, D.Searles, A.
10Mar-2021Embedding an economist in regional and rural health services to add value and reduce waste by improving local-level decision-making: protocol for the 'embedded Economist' program and evaluationGoodwin, Nicholas Searles, A.Piper, D.Jorm, C.Reeves, P.Gleeson, M.Karnon, J.Lawson, K.Iedema, R.Gray, J.
11Dec-2020Which interventions best support the health and wellbeing needs of rural populations experiencing natural disasters?Goodwin, Nicholas Lewis, Suzanne Dalton, HazelPrael, Grace
12Aug-2020From Crisis to Coordination: Challenges and Opportunities for Integrated Care posed by the COVID-19 PandemicGoodwin, Nicholas Stein, K.V.Miller, R.
13Aug-2019Formative Evaluation of the Central Coast Integrated Care Program (CCICP), NSW AustraliaGoodwin, Nicholas Bishop, Michael Sheather-Reid, Rachael Bradfield, Sarah Lewis, Peter R Gazzard, Taryn Critchley, Anthony Wilcox, Sarah Dalton, H.Read, D.M.Y.Booth, A.Perkins, D.Hendry, A.Handley, T.Davies, K.
14Oct-2016Understanding integrated careGoodwin, Nicholas 
152014Achieving Effective Integrated E-Care Beyond the SilosGoodwin, Nicholas Meyer, I.Muller, S.Kubitschke, L.Alonso, N.
16Mar-2010Integrating care for people with mental illness: the Care Programme Approach in England and its implications for long-term conditions managementGoodwin, Nicholas Lawton-Smith, S.
172010The state of telehealth and telecare in the UK: prospects for integrated careGoodwin, Nicholas 
182007Developing effective joint commissioning between health and social care: Prospects for the future based on lessons from the pastGoodwin, Nicholas