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Credit Name
Zoi Triandafilidis
Full Name
Triandafilidis, Zoi
Main Affilation
Central Coast Local Health District
Central Coast Research Institute for Integrated Care
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-May-2023Models of care for people with dementia approaching end of life: A rapid reviewLewis, Suzanne ; Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Curryer, Cassie ; Jeong, Sarah Yeun-Sim ; Goodwin, Nicholas ; Carr, Sally ; Davis, Daneill 
228-Apr-2023Feasibility and Acceptability of a Novel Online Program for Mental Health CarersFitzgeraldson, Elloyse; Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Franklin, Yohana; Palazzi, Kerrin; Kay-Lambkin, Frances
3Jan-2023Coalescing, Cross-Pollinating, Crystalising: Developing and Evaluating an Art Installation About Health KnowledgeWatfern, Chloe; Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Vaughan, Priya; Doran, Barbara; Dadich, Ann; Disher-Quill, Kate; Maple, Peter; Hickman, Louise; Elliot, Michele; Boydell, Katherine M
430-Nov-2022Supports and Interventions for Carers of a Person with Depressive or Anxiety Symptomology: A Systematic ReviewFitzgeraldson, Elloyse; Kay-Lambkin, Frances; Harding, Natasha; McNaughton, Kimie M; Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Heath, Jacinta; Lyford, Bronte; Charnley, Janine; Fitzpatrick, Sally
5Jul-2022Hospital-based assistant in Midwifery role for undergraduate midwifery students: A survey explorationBurns, Elaine; Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Hargreaves, Amy; Keedle, Hazel; Hitchick, Meg; Campbell, Oceane; Elmir, Rakime
6May-2022Family day care educators’ ability to support children’s mental wellbeing and the impact of COVID-19Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Old, Ashleigh; Hanstock, Tanya; Fitzpatrick, Sally
7Dec-2021Australian family day care educators’ experiences of supporting children’s mental health, and their own mental health and wellbeingMcGuffog, Romany; Fitzgeraldson, Elloyse; Lyford, Bronte; Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Fitzpatrick, Sally; Hazel, Gavin
8Apr-2021The HIVE: a co-created art installation about healthWatfern, C; Doran, B; Dadich, A; Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Habak, S; Boydell, K M
930-Nov-2020Breastfeeding support at an Australian Breastfeeding Association drop-in service: a descriptive surveyBurns, Elaine S; Duursma, Louise; Triandafilidis, Zoi 
10Sep-2020Designing a model of breastfeeding support in Australia: An appreciative inquiry approachBurns, Elaine; Triandafilidis, Zoi ; Schmied, Virginia
116-Jan-2020Understanding Young Women’s Cigarette Smoking Using Interviews and Participant-Produced PhotographyTriandafilidis, Zoi 
12Apr-2019Taking the path of least resistance: a qualitative analysis of return to work or study while breastfeedingBurns, Elaine; Triandafilidis, Zoi 
135-Jan-2018Young Australian women's accounts of smoking and quitting: a qualitative study using visual methodsTriandafilidis, Zoi ; Ussher, Jane M; Perz, Janette; Huppatz, Kate
14Oct-2017‘It’s one of those “It’ll never happen to me” things’: young women’s constructions of smoking and riskTriandafilidis, Zoi ; Ussher, Jane M; Perz, Janette; Huppatz, Kate
15Aug-2017An Intersectional Analysis of Women's Experiences of Smoking-Related StigmaTriandafilidis, Zoi ; Ussher, Jane M; Perz, Janette; Huppatz, Kate
16Mar-2017Doing and undoing femininities: An intersectional analysis of young women’s smokingTriandafilidis, Zoi ; Ussher, Jane M; Perz, Janette; Huppatz, Kate