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Title: Doing and undoing femininities: An intersectional analysis of young women’s smoking
Authors: Triandafilidis, Zoi ;Ussher, Jane M;Perz, Janette;Huppatz, Kate
Affliation: Central Coast Local Health District
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Source: 27(4) 465–488
Journal title: Feminism & Psychology
Department: Central Coast Research Institute for Integrated Care
Abstract: Previous research has found that young women’s smoking relates to their performance of feminine gender identities. Using an intersectional approach, we explore in this study how young women’s smoking is implicated in the doing and undoing of femininities, as well as other intersecting identities. Discourse analysis was used toexamine interviews and a photography activity conducted with young women, both current and ex-smokers.This analysis revealed four culturally dominant repertoires: ‘‘cigarettes and smoking styles as gendered’’, ‘‘smoking as controlling weight’’, ‘‘smoking as a sexual tool’’, and ‘‘smoking as compromising appearance’’. Young women’s experiences and negotiations of discourse surrounding smoking and femininity were shaped by intersecting social class and sexual identities. These findings can be used to inform the development of smoking cessation interventions which recognise the diversity in how young women perform femininity.
Publicaton type: Journal Article
Keywords: Public Health
Integrated Care
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