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Deborah Howe
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Howe, Deborah
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2018The CHOICE pilot project: Challenges of implementing a combined peer work and shared decision-making programme in an early intervention serviceCoates, Dominiek ; Batchelor, Samantha ; Dimopoulos-Bick, Tara ; Howe, Deborah 
2Jan-2018Profile of consumers and their partners of a perinatal and infant mental health (PIMH) service in AustraliaCoates, Dominiek ; Saleeba, Christine ; Howe, Deborah 
3Aug-2017Young Australians with Moderate to Severe Mental Health Problems: Client Data and Outcomes at Children and Young People's Mental HealthHowe, Deborah ; Batchelor, Samantha ; Coates, Dominiek 
4Aug-2017The Choice Project: Peer Workers Promoting Shared Decision Making at a Youth Mental Health ServiceBatchelor, Samantha ; Dimopoulos-Bick, Tara ; Howe, Deborah 
5Apr-2017Improving throughput in a youth mental health serviceCoates, Dominiek ; Howe, Deborah 
62016Integrating a youth participation model in a youth mental health service: Challenges and lessons learned.Coates, Dominiek ; Howe, Deborah 
72016An evaluation of a service to keep children safe in families with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.Coates, Dominiek ; Howe, Deborah 
8Sep-2015Working with Families Who Experience Parental Mental Health and/or Drug and Alcohol Problems in the Context of Child Protection Concerns: Recommendations for Service ImprovementCoates, Dominiek ; Howe, Deborah 
92015Combatting Staff Burnout in Mental Health: Key Managerial and Leadership Tasks that are Fundamental to Staff Wellbeing and RetentionCoates, Dominiek ; Howe, Deborah 
10Nov-2014The Importance and Benefits of Youth Participation in Mental Health Settings from the Perspective of the Headspace Gosford Youth Alliance in AustraliaCoates, Dominiek ; Howe, Deborah 
11Sep-2014The Design and Development of Staff Wellbeing Initiatives: Staff Stressors, Burnout and Emotional Exhaustion at Children and Young People‚Äôs Mental Health in AustraliaCoates, Dominiek ; Howe, Deborah 
12Jul-2014Headspace Gosford Data: The Local Application of a National ModelHowe, Deborah ; Coates, Dominiek ; Batchelor, Samantha 
13May-2014Nine Key Principles to Guide Youth Mental Health: Development of Service Models in New South WalesHowe, Deborah ; Batchelor, Samantha ; Coates, Dominiek ; Cashman, Emma 
14Sep-2012Prevalence of Parents within an Adult Mental Health Service: Census Results 2008-2011Howe, Deborah ; Batchelor, Samantha ; Bochynska, Kataryzna 
15Aug-2012Enhancing parenting skills for parents with mental illness: The Mental Health Positive Parenting ProgramPhelan, Ruth F ; Howe, Deborah ; Cashman, Emma ; Batchelor, Samantha 
16Oct-2011Finding Our Way: Youth Participation in the Development and Promotion of Youth Mental Health Services on the NSW Central CoastHowe, Deborah ; Batchelor, Samantha ; Bochynska, Kataryzna 
17Dec-2006Parenting and mental illness: A pilot group programme for parentsPhelan, Ruth F ; Lee, Lana ; Howe, Deborah ; Walter, Garry