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Ian W Incoll
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Incoll, Ian W
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1Nov-2021Gender Associations with Selection into Australian Orthopaedic Surgical Training: 2007-2019Incoll, Ian W Atkin, J.Frank, J.R.Vrancic, S.Khorshid, O.
2Nov-2021What it takes to become an orthopaedic surgeon: A comparison of orthopaedic surgical training programmes in 10 countries focusing on structure and fellowship requirementsIncoll, Ian W Ludwig, J.Jakobsen, R.B.Charles, Y.P.Seifert, J.Wood, M.L.Parmar, D.Canter, R.
3Jun-2020Australian orthopaedic surgery training: Australian Orthopaedic Association's strategic education reviewIncoll, Ian W Atkin, J.Owen, J.Keane, A.Khorshid, O.Cosenza, A.Frank, J.
4Jan-2020What are the perceptions of orthopaedic surgeons regarding leadership and leadership training?Incoll, Ian W Williams, N.Chen, M.Lee, A.C.Moore, P.Balhatchet, B.
5Oct-2018Microbial counts in hands with and without nail varnish after surgical skin preparation: a randomized control trialKulkarni, Vinay Murray, Anthony Mittal, Rajat Spence, David O'Kane, Gabrielle M Incoll, Ian W 
6Jun-2017A combined randomised and observational study of surgery for fractures in the distal radius in the elderly (CROSSFIRE)-a study protocolIncoll, Ian W Mittal, Rajat Harris, I.A.Naylor, J.M.Lawson, A.Buchbinder, R.Ivers, R.Balogh, Z.Smith, P.Xuan, W.Howard, K.Vafa, A.Yates, P.Rieger, B.Smith, G.Elkinson, I.Kim, W.Chehade, M.Sungaran, J.Latendresse, K.Wong, J.Viswanathan, S.Richardson, M.Shrestha, K.Drobetz, H.Tran, P.Loveridge, J.Page, R.Hau, R.Bingham, R.Mulford, J.
7Jun-2017Can we agree on expectations and assessments of graduating residents?: 2016 AOA Critical Issues SymposiumIncoll, Ian W Nousiainen, M.Peabody, T.Marsh, J.L.
8Jun-2009Comparison of the effectiveness of painting onto the hand and immersing the hand in a bag, in pre-operative skin preparation of the handIncoll, Ian W Saravanja, D.Thorvaldson, K.T.Small, T.
9Sep-1998Evaluation of thyroid shields for reduction of radiation exposure to orthopaedic surgeonIncoll, Ian W Dewey, P.
10Jun-1995Acute posttraumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta: An eleven-year experienceIncoll, Ian W French, B.G.Hughes, C.F.