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Brett Mitchell
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Mitchell, Brett
Mitchell, Brett G
Main Affilation
Central Coast Local Health District
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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-2023Air purifiers for reducing the incidence of acute respiratory infections in australian residential aged care facilities: A study protocol for a randomised control trialThottiyil Sultanmuhammed Abdul Khadar, BismiSim, JennyMcDonagh, JuleeMcDonald, Vanessa MMitchell, Brett G 
217-Jul-2023Moisturizers, Emollients, or Barrier Preparations for the Prevention of Pressure Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisRyan, HayleyMitchell, Brett G Gumuskaya, OyaHutton, AlisonTehan, Peta
33-Jul-2023The incidence of nosocomial bloodstream infection and urinary tract infection in Australian hospitals before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: an interrupted time series studyMitchell, Brett G Stewardson, Andrew JKerr, LucilleFerguson, John KCurtis, StephanieBusija, LjoudmilaLydeamore, Michael JGraham, Kirsty Russo, Philip L
427-Jun-2023Risk of organism acquisition from prior room occupants: An updated systematic reviewMitchell, Brett G McDonagh, JuleeDancer, Stephanie JFord, Sindi Sim, JennyThottiyil Sultanmuhammed Abdul Khadar, BismiRusso, Philip LMaillard, Jean-YvesRawson, HelenBrowne, Katrina Kiernan, Martin
515-Apr-2023Have gloves and gowns had their day? An Australian and New Zealand practice and attitudes survey about contact precautions for MRSA and VRE colonisationBrowning, SarahDavis, Joshua SMitchell, Brett G 
622-Feb-2023A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of improving the cleaning and disinfection of shared medical equipment on healthcare-associated infections: the CLEaning and Enhanced disiNfection (CLEEN) studyBrowne, Katrina White, NicoleTehan, Peta Ellen Russo, Philip LAmin, Maham Stewardson, Andrew JCheng, Allen CGraham, Kirsty O'Kane, Gabrielle M King, Jennie Kiernan, MartinBrain, DavidMitchell, Brett 
7May-2022Patient perspectives of healthcare associated infection: "You don't know what impacts it will have on your life"Mitchell, Brett Amin, Maham Curryer, Cassie Northcote, M.Rickett, C.Russo, P.De Sousa, F.Pearce, K.Sim, J.
8Jan-2021The frequency of urinary tract infections and the value of antiseptics in community-dwelling people who undertake intermittent urinary catheterisation: A systematic reviewMitchell, Brett Archbold, Jemma Robertson, Mark Prael, G.Curryer, C.Russo, P.L.Fasugba, O.Lowthian, J.Cheng, A.C.Kiernan, M.