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Brett Mitchell
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Mitchell, Brett
Mitchell, Brett G
Mitchell, B G
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Central Coast Local Health District
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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-May-2024Oral care practices and hospital-acquired pneumonia prevention: A national survey of Australian nursesTehan, Peta Ellen Browne, Katrina Matterson, GeorgiaCheng, Allen CDawson, SonjaGraves, NicholasJohnson, DouglasKiernan, MartinMadhuvu, AuxilliaMarshall, CarolineMcDonagh, JuleeNorthcote, MariaO'Connor, JayneOrr, LizRawson, HelenRusso, PhilipSim, JennyStewardson, Andrew JWallace, JanetWhite, NicoleWilson, RhondaMitchell, Brett 
2Feb-2024The effect of hospital volunteering on empathy in nursing and medical studentsBarker, Mary-Ellen King, Jennie Mitchell, Brett Dawson, Amanda Crowfoot, Gary
3Sep-2023Not the entire picture: a pragmatic review on CAUTIMitchell, B G Russo, P LKiernan, MFasugba, O
423-Aug-2023Multimodal environmental cleaning strategies to prevent healthcare-associated infectionsBrowne, Katrina Mitchell, Brett 
5Aug-2023Air purifiers for reducing the incidence of acute respiratory infections in australian residential aged care facilities: A study protocol for a randomised control trialThottiyil Sultanmuhammed Abdul Khadar, BismiSim, JennyMcDonagh, JuleeMcDonald, Vanessa MMitchell, Brett G 
617-Jul-2023Moisturizers, Emollients, or Barrier Preparations for the Prevention of Pressure Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisRyan, HayleyMitchell, Brett G Gumuskaya, OyaHutton, AlisonTehan, Peta
73-Jul-2023The incidence of nosocomial bloodstream infection and urinary tract infection in Australian hospitals before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: an interrupted time series studyMitchell, Brett G Stewardson, Andrew JKerr, LucilleFerguson, John KCurtis, StephanieBusija, LjoudmilaLydeamore, Michael JGraham, Kirsty Russo, Philip L
827-Jun-2023Risk of organism acquisition from prior room occupants: An updated systematic reviewMitchell, Brett G McDonagh, JuleeDancer, Stephanie JFord, Sindi Sim, JennyThottiyil Sultanmuhammed Abdul Khadar, BismiRusso, Philip LMaillard, Jean-YvesRawson, HelenBrowne, Katrina Kiernan, Martin
915-Apr-2023Have gloves and gowns had their day? An Australian and New Zealand practice and attitudes survey about contact precautions for MRSA and VRE colonisationBrowning, SarahDavis, Joshua SMitchell, Brett G 
1022-Feb-2023A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of improving the cleaning and disinfection of shared medical equipment on healthcare-associated infections: the CLEaning and Enhanced disiNfection (CLEEN) studyBrowne, Katrina White, NicoleTehan, Peta Ellen Russo, Philip LAmin, Maham Stewardson, Andrew JCheng, Allen CGraham, Kirsty O'Kane, Gabrielle M King, Jennie Kiernan, MartinBrain, DavidMitchell, Brett 
11May-2022Patient perspectives of healthcare associated infection: "You don't know what impacts it will have on your life"Mitchell, Brett Amin, Maham Curryer, Cassie Northcote, M.Rickett, C.Russo, P.De Sousa, F.Pearce, K.Sim, J.
12Jan-2021The frequency of urinary tract infections and the value of antiseptics in community-dwelling people who undertake intermittent urinary catheterisation: A systematic reviewMitchell, Brett Archbold, Jemma Robertson, Mark Prael, G.Curryer, C.Russo, P.L.Fasugba, O.Lowthian, J.Cheng, A.C.Kiernan, M.