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Campbell Tiley
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Tiley, Campbell
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Central Coast Local Health District
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126-Mar-2024How comparable are patient outcomes in the "real-world" with populations studied in pivotal AML trials?Tiong, Ing SooWall, MeaghanBajel, AshishKalro, AkashFleming, ShaunRoberts, Andrew WThiagarajah, NishaChua, Chong ChynLatimer, MayaYeung, DavidMarlton, PaulaJohnston, AmandaEnjeti, AnoopFong, Chun YewCull, GavinLarsen, StephenKennedy, GlenSchwarer, AnthonyKipp, DavidRamanathan, SundraVerner, EmmaTiley, Campbell Morris, EdwardHahn, UweMoore, JohnTaper, JohnPurtill, DuncanWarburton, PaulineStevenson, WilliamMurphy, Nicholas J Tan, PeterBeligaswatte, AshankaMutsando, HowardHertzberg, MarkShortt, JakeSzabo, FerencDunne, KarinWei, Andrew H
27-Dec-2023Sorafenib plus intensive chemotherapy in newly diagnosed FLT3-ITD AML: a randomized, placebo-controlled study by the ALLGLoo, SunRoberts, Andrew WAnstee, Natasha SKennedy, Glen AHe, SimonSchwarer, Anthony PEnjeti, Anoop KD'Rozario, JamesMarlton, PaulaBilmon, Ian ATaper, JohnCull, GavinTiley, Campbell Verner, EmmaHahn, UweHiwase, Devendra KIland, Harry JMurphy, NickRamanathan, SundraReynolds, JohnOng, Doen MingTiong, Ing SooWall, MeaghanMurray, MichaelRawling, TristanLeadbetter, JoannaRowley, LeesaLatimer, MayaYuen, SamTing, Stephen BFong, Chun YewMorris, KirkBajel, AshishSeymour, John FLevis, Mark JWei, Andrew H
313-Oct-2023A population-based family case-control study of sun exposure and follicular lymphoma riskOdutola, Michael Kvan Leeuwen, Marina TBruinsma, FionaTurner, JenniferHertzberg, MarkSeymour, John FPrince, H MilesTrotman, JudithVerner, EmmaRoncolato, FernandoOpat, StephenLindeman, RobertTiley, Campbell Milliken, Samuel TUnderhill, Craig RBenke, GezaGiles, Graham GVajdic, Claire M
4Oct-2023Occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields and follicular lymphoma risk: a family case-control studyOdutola, Michael Kvan Leeuwen, Marina TBruinsma, Fiona JBenke, GezaTurner, Michelle CTrotman, JudithTurner, JenniferSeymour, John FPrince, H MilesMilliken, Samuel TTiley, Campbell Hertzberg, MarkRoncolato, FernandoOpat, StephenLindeman, RobertVerner, EmmaUnderhill, Craig RCardis, ElisabethGiles, GrahamVajdic, Claire M
5Jan-2023Dietary intake of animal-based products and likelihood of follicular lymphoma and survival: A population-based family case-control studyOdutola, Michael Kvan Leeuwen, Marina TBassett, Julie KBruinsma, FionaTurner, JenniferSeymour, John FPrince, Henry MilesMilliken, Samuel THertzberg, MarkRoncolato, FernandoOpat, Stephen SLindeman, RobertTiley, Campbell Trotman, JudithVerner, EmmaHarvey, MichaelUnderhill, Craig RBenke, GezaGiles, Graham GVajdic, Claire M
67-Oct-2022Challenges associated with test dose pharmacokinetic predictions of high dose melphalan exposure in patients with multiple myelomaNath, Christa EllenGrigg, AndrewRosser, Sebastian P AEstell, JaneNewman, ElizabethTiley, Campbell Ramanathan, SundraHo, Shir JingLarsen, StephenGibson, JohnPresgrave, Peter Shaw, Peter JohnTrotman, Judith
7Oct-2022Associations between early-life growth pattern and body size and follicular lymphoma risk and survival: a family-based case-control studyOdutola, Michael Kvan Leeuwen, Marina TTurner, JenniferBruinsma, FionaSeymour, John FPrince, H MilesMilliken, Samuel THertzberg, MarkTrotman, JudithOpat, Stephen SLindeman, RobertRoncolato, FernandoVerner, EmmaHarvey, MichaelTiley, Campbell Underhill, Craig RBenke, GezaGiles, Graham GVajdic, Claire M
830-May-2022Associations between Smoking and Alcohol and Follicular Lymphoma Incidence and Survival: A Family-Based Case-Control Study in AustraliaOdutola, Michael Kvan Leeuwen, Marina TTurner, JenniferBruinsma, FionaSeymour, John FPrince, Henry MMilliken, Samuel TTrotman, JudithVerner, EmmaTiley, Campbell Roncolato, FernandoUnderhill, Craig ROpat, Stephen SHarvey, MichaelHertzberg, MarkBenke, GezaGiles, Graham GVajdic, Claire M
9Aug-2021Australia and New Zealand Transplant and Cellular Therapies COVID-19 vaccination consensus position statementTiley, Campbell Hamad, N.Ananda-Rajah, M.Gilroy, N.MacIntyre, R.Gottlieb, D.Ritchie, D.Harrison, S.Kennedy, G.Watson, A.M.Greenwood, M.Doocey, R.Perera, T.Spencer, A.Wong, E.O'Brien, T.Shaw, P.Conyers, R.Milliken, S.Bardy, P.Larsen, S.Ho, P.J.Lai, H.Bajel, A.Butler, J.D'Rozario, J.Johnston, A.Cochrane, T.Mills, T.Irving, I.Pullon, H.Purtill, D.
10Sep-2020Melphalan exposure and outcome in obese and non-obese adults with myeloma. A study of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamicsTiley, Campbell Nath, C.E.Trotman, J.Nivison-Smith, I.Gurney, H.Zeng, L.Presgrave, P.Joshua, D.Kerridge, Ian McLachlan, Andrew Shaw, P.J.
11Dec-2019A multi-center randomized controlled trial to reduce unmet needs, depression, and anxiety among hematological cancer patients and their support personsTiley, Campbell Stevenson, W.Bryant, J.Watson, R.Sanson-Fisher, R.Oldmeadow, C.Henskens, F.Brown, C.Ramanathan, S.Enjeti, A.Guest, J.Tzelepis, F.Paul, C.D'Este, C.
12May-2017Idarubicin dose escalation during consolidation therapy for adult Acute Myeloid LeukemiaTiley, Campbell Bradstock, K.F.Link, E.Di Iulio, J.Szer, J.Marlton, P.Wei, A.H.Enno, A.Schwarer, A.Lewis, I.D.D'Rozario, J.Coyle, L.Cull, G.Campbell, P.Leahy, M.F.Hahn, U.Cannell, P.Lowenthal, R.M.Moore, J.Cartwright, K.Cunningham, I.Taper, J.Grigg, A.Roberts, A.W.Benson, W.Hertzberg, M.Deveridge, S.Rowlings, P.Mills, A.K.Gill, Devinder S Bardy, P.Campbell, L.J.Seymour, J.F.
13May-2017Raccoon eyes in systemic light chain amyloidosisForsyth, Cecily J Tiley, Campbell 
14Jul-2016High melphalan exposure is associated with improved overall survival in myeloma patients receiving high dose melphalan and autologous transplantationTiley, Campbell Nath, C.E.Trotman, J.Presgrave, P.Joshua, D.Kerridge, Ian Kwan, Y.L.Gurney, H.McLachlan, Andrew Earl, J.W.Nivison-Smith, I.Zeng, L.Shaw, P.J.
15Sep-2015Use of arsenic trioxide in remission induction and consolidation therapy for acute promyelocytic leukaemia in the Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group (ALLG) APML4 study: a non-randomised phase 2 trialTiley, Campbell Iland, H.J.Collins, M.Bradstock, K.F.Supple, S.G.Catalano, A.Hertzberg, M.Browett, P.Grigg, A.Firkin, F.Campbell, L.J.Hugman, A.Reynolds, J.Di Iulio, J.Taylor, K.Filshie, R.Seldon, M.Taper, J.Szer, J.Moore, J.Bashford, J.Seymour, J.F.
16Jun-2015Are Australian clinicians monitoring medication adherence in hematological cancer survivors? Two cross-sectional studiesTiley, Campbell Lynagh, M.C.Clinton-McHarg, T.Hall, A.Sanson-Fisher, R.Stevenson, W.Bisquera, A.
17Aug-2012All-Trans-Retinoic Acid, Idarubicin, and IV Arsenic Trioxide as initial therapy in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APML4)Iland, H.J.Bradstock, K.F.Supple, S.G.Catalano, A.Collins, M.Hertzberg, M.Browett, P.Grigg, A.Firkin, F.Hugman, A.Reynolds, J.Di Iulio, J.Tiley, Campbell Taylor, K.Filshie, R.Seldon, M.Taper, J.Szer, J.Moore, J.Bashford, J.Seymour, J.F.
18Jun-2012A Phase II Study of Risk-Adapted Intravenous Melphalan in patients with AL AmyloidosisMollee, P.Tiley, Campbell Cunningham, I.Moore, J.Prince, M.Cannell, P.Gibbons, S.Tate, J.Paul, S.Mar Fan, H.Gill, Devinder S 
19May-2010Population Pharmacokinetics of Melphalan in Patients with Multiple Myeloma Undergoing High Dose TherapyNath, C.E.Shaw, P.J.Trotman, J.Zeng, L.Duffull, S.Hegarty, G.McLachlan, Andrew Gurney, H.Kerridge, Ian Kwan, Yiu Lam Presgrave, P.Tiley, Campbell Joshua, D.Earl, J.W.
20Feb-2010Enrollment of Patients to Clinical Trials in Haematological Cancer in New South Wales: Current Status, Perceived Barriers and Opportunities for ImprovementMurray, P.Kerridge, Ian Tiley, Campbell Catanzariti, A.Welberry, H.Lean, C.Sinclair, S.Bishop, J.Bradstock, K.F.
21Apr-2008Consensus Guidelines for 'Rainy Day' Autologous Stem Cell Harvests in New South WalesTrotman, J.Presgrave, Peter Kwan, Yiu Lam Tiley, Campbell Estell, J.Watson, A.M.O'Brian, T.A.Peters, D.
221991Treatment of acute graft versus host disease with a murine monoclonal antibody to the IL-2 receptorTiley, Campbell Powles, R.Teo, C.P.Treleaven, J.Findlay, M.Hewetson, M.
231991How do allogeneic bone marrow transplants cure leukaemia? The role of graft versus host diseaseTiley, Campbell Powles, R.Treleaven, J.Millar, J.Gordon-Smith, E.Findlay, M.Teo, C.Duncombe, A.Robinson, G.
24Dec-1990Human recombinant GM-CSF in allogeneic bone-marrow transplantation for leukaemia: double-blind, placebo-controlled trialTiley, Campbell Powles, R.Smith, C.Milan, S.Treleaven, J.Millar, J.McElwain, T.Gordon-Smith, E.Miliken, S.
25Jun-1989Therapy-induced drug resistance in a human leukemia line (LALW-2). A clinically relevant modelTiley, Campbell White, L.Haber, M.Brian, M.J.Norris, M.D.Trickett, A.Sosula, L.Stewart, B.W.