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Title: Glad Memories of Early Days
Authors: Unknown
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: Article regarding Gosford District Hospital in an unknown Newspaper, 1995. "Glad Memories of Early Days". Image 1: Health Minister Gus Kelly opens the hospital in 1945. Image 2: Nurse Glad Butler in 1945. Image 3: Glad Frewin today
Description: "Glad Memories of Early Days" details the work of Nurse Glad Butler at Gosford District Hospital from the hospitals opening in 1945. She describes the early days at hospital when she started at 17 years of age and worked 52 hour weeks. This article is part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of Gosford Hospital.
Publicaton type: Memorabilia
Subject: Newspaper Articles;Staff;Nursing;Gosford Hospital 50th Anniversary
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