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Thomas Eade
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Eade, Thomas
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115-Apr-2024Prognostic impact of prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography (PSMA PET) staging for clinically node-positive prostate cancerLeow, Boon Yang Jerome Eade, Thomas Hruby, GeorgeLieng, Hester Hsiao, EdwardBrown, ChrisKneebone, Andrew 
227-Sep-2021The Gut Microbiome and Cancer Immunotherapy: Can We Use the Gut Microbiome as a Predictive Biomarker for Clinical Response in Cancer Immunotherapy?Oh, ByeongsangBoyle, FrancesPavlakis, NickClarke, StephenEade, Thomas Hruby, GeorgeLamoury, GillianCarroll, SusanMorgia, MaritaKneebone, Andrew Stevens, Mark Liu, WenCorless, BrianMolloy, MarkKong, BenjaminLibermann, TowiaRosenthal, DavidBack, Michael 
3Aug-2021Emerging Evidence of the Gut Microbiome in Chemotherapy: A Clinical ReviewOh, ByeongsangBoyle, FrancesPavlakis, NickClarke, StephenGuminski, AlexEade, Thomas Lamoury, GillianCarroll, SusanMorgia, MaritaKneebone, Andrew Hruby, GeorgeStevens, Mark Liu, WenCorless, BrianMolloy, MarkLibermann, TowiaRosenthal, DavidBack, Michael 
4May-2021The Gut Microbiome and Gastrointestinal Toxicities in Pelvic Radiation Therapy: A Clinical ReviewBack, Michael Eade, Thomas Kneebone, Andrew Oh, B.Lamoury, G.Carroll, S.Morgia, M.Hruby, G.Stevens, M.Boyle, F.Clarke, S.Corless, B.Molloy, M.Rosenthal, D.
530-Jun-2020The Effects of Tai Chi and Qigong on Immune Responses: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisOh, ByeongsangBae, KyeoreLamoury, GillianEade, Thomas Boyle, FrancesCorless, BrianClarke, StephenYeung, AlbertRosenthal, DavidSchapira, LidiaBack, Michael 
6Nov-2018Radiotherapy for recurrent prostate cancer: 2018 Recommendations of the Australian and New Zealand Radiation Oncology Genito-Urinary groupLieng, Hester Eade, Thomas Kneebone, Andrew Hayden, A.J.Christie, D.R.H.Davis, B.J.Emmett, L.Holt, T.Hruby, G.Pryor, D.Shakespeare, T.P.Sidhom, M.Skala, M.Wiltshire, K.Yaxley, J.
7Sep-2018Radiation, inflammation and the immune response in cancerBack, Michael Eade, Thomas McKelvey, K.J.Hudson, A.L.Diakos, C.I.
8Jun-2018Acupuncture in Oncology: The Effectiveness of Acupuncture May Not Depend on Needle Retention DurationEade, Thomas Kneebone, Andrew Back, Michael Oh, B.Hruby, G.Lamoury, G.Pavlakis, N.Clarke, S.Zaslawski, C.Marr, I.Costa, D.
9Apr-2017Factors affecting whether or not cancer patients consider using acupunctureBack, Michael Eade, Thomas Oh, B.Kneebone, Andrew Pavlakis, N.Clarke, S.Eslick, G.River, J.
10Mar-2017Reducing radiation dose to normal brain through a risk adapted dose reduction protocol for patients with favourable subtype anaplastic gliomaBack, Michael Eade, Thomas LeMottee, Monica Crasta, C.Wheeler, H.Guo, L.Bailey, D.
11Sep-2016Oxidative stress in prostate cancer patients: A systematic review of case control studiesBack, Michael Eade, Thomas Oh, B.Figtree, G.Costa, D.Hruby, G.Lim, S.Elfiky, A.Martine, N.Rosenthal, D.Clarke, S.
12Charles2016.pdf.jpgFeb-2016Systemic inflammation is an independent predictive marker of clinical outcomes in mucosal squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck in oropharyngeal and non-oropharyngeal patientsBack, Michael Eade, Thomas Charles, K.A.Harris, B.D.Haddad, C.R.Clarke, S.J.Guminksi, A.Stevens, M.Dodds, T.Gill, Anthony J Veivers, D.
13Jul-2015Audiovisual biofeedback breathing guidance for lung cancer patients receiving radiotherapy: a multi-institutional phase II randomised clinical trialHegi-Johnson, Fiona Eade, Thomas Pollock, S.O'Brien, R.Makhija, K.Ludbrook, J.Rezo, A.Tse, R.Yeghiaian-Alvandi, R.Gebski, V.Keall, P.J.
14Dec-2013Dosimetric Improvements Utilising Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Patients with Glioblastoma MultiformeBack, Michael Eade, Thomas Clifford, S.Wheeler, H.