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Rodrigo Tomazini Martins
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Tomazini Martins, Rodrigo
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2020Post-dural puncture headache incidence after cerebrospinal fluid aspiration. A prospective observational studyTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
2May-2019ClosureFast endovenous radiofrequency ablation for great saphenous vein and small saphenous vein incompetence: Efficacy and anatomical failure patternsTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
3Apr-2019Limitations of Electromyography in the Assessment of Abdominal Wall Muscle Contractility Following Botulinum Toxin A InjectionTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
4Apr-2019Selective muscle botulinum toxin A component paralysis in complex ventral hernia repairTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
52019Charles Bonnet Syndrome: Complete Remission of Visual Hallucinations with TrazodoneTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
6Aug-2018Effects of morphine on respiratory load detection, load magnitude perception, and tactile sensation in obstructive sleep apneaTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
7May-2018Single port component separation: endoscopic external oblique release for complex ventral hernia repairTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
8Feb-2018Preoperative Botulinum toxin A enabling defect closure and laparoscopic repair of complex ventral herniaTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
9Feb-2018Post-Stroke Sleep-Disordered Breathing—Pathophysiology and Therapy OptionsTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
102018Gait in normal pressure hydrocephalus: characteristics and effects of the CSF tap testTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
11Aug-2017Hydrodisplacement of sural nerve for safety and efficacy of endovenous thermal ablation for small saphenous vein incompetenceTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
12May-2016Breath-to-breath reflex modulation of genioglossus muscle activity in obstructive sleep apneaTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
13Apr-2016Zopiclone Increases the Arousal Threshold without Impairing Genioglossus Activity in Obstructive Sleep ApneaTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
14Feb-2016Effects of low-dose morphine on perceived sleep quality in patients with refractory breathlessness: A hypothesis generating studyTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
15Mar-2014Central sleep apnea due to other medical disordersTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
16Jul-2013Chronic unremitting headache associated with Lyme disease-like illnessTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
17Jan-2012Opioid receptors to dateTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
18Nov-2011Never too oldTomazini Martins, Rodrigo 
19Jun-2008Surgical treatment of moyamoya disease in childrenTomazini Martins, Rodrigo