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Title: Large tumour volume reduction of IDH-mutated anaplastic glioma involving the insular region following radiotherapy
Authors: Jayamanne, Dasantha ;Wong, Matthew ;Back, Michael ;Metz, G.;Wheeler, H.;Cook, R.;Little, N.;Parkinson, J.;Kastelan, M.;Brown, C.
Affliation: Central Coast Local Health District
Gosford Hospital
Issue Date: Jan-2022
Source: 22(1):24
Journal title: BMC Neurology
Department: Central Coast Cancer Centre
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The impact of near-total resection of IDH-mutated anaplastic glioma (IDHmutAG) is well-established but there remains uncertainty of benefit in tumours of the insular cortex where the extent of safe resection may be limited. This study aimed to assess tumour volume reduction in patients following IMRT and impact of residual post-surgical volume. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Patients with IDHmutAG involving insular cortex managed with IMRT from 2008 to 2019 had baseline patient, tumour and treatment factors recorded. Volumetric assessment of residual disease on MRI was performed at baseline, month+ 3 and month+ 12 post-IMRT. Potential prognostic factors were analysed for tumour reduction and relapse-free survival, and assessed by log-rank and Cox regression analyses. RESULTS: Thirty two patients with IDHmutAG of the insular cortex were managed with median follow-up post-IMRT of 67.2 months. Pathology was anaplastic astrocytoma (AAmut) in 20, and anaplastic oligodendroglioma (AOD) in 12 patients. Median pre-IMRT volume on T1 and T2Flair was 24.3cm(3) and 52.2cm(3). Twenty-seven patients were alive with 5-year relapse-free survival of 80%. There was a median 67 and 64% reduction from baseline occurring at 3 months post-IMRT for T1 and T2Flair respectively; and subsequent median 78 and 73% at 12 months. At 12 months AOD patients had median 83% T1 volume reduction compared to 63% in AAmut (p < 0.01). There was no difference on T2Flair volume (p = 0.64). No other pathological factors influenced volume reduction at 12 months. No factors were associated with relapse-free survival including baseline T1 (p = 0.52) and T2Flair (p = 0.93) volume. CONCLUSION: IMRT provides large tumour volume reduction in IDHmutAG of the insular cortex. While maximal safe debulking remains standard of care when feasible, this patient cohort reported no significant negative impact of residual disease volume on relapse-free survival.
DOI: 10.1186/s12883-021-02548-3
ISSN: 1471-2377
Publicaton type: Journal Article
Keywords: Radiotherapy
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