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Dasantha Jayamanne
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Jayamanne, Dasantha
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115-Sep-2023Leptomeningeal neuraxis relapse in glioblastoma is an uncommon but not rare event associated with poor outcomeWegener, EricHorsley, PatrickWheeler, HelenJayamanne, Dasantha Kastelan, MarinaGuo, LinxinBrown, ChrisBack, Michael 
2Jan-2022Large tumour volume reduction of IDH-mutated anaplastic glioma involving the insular region following radiotherapyJayamanne, Dasantha Wong, Matthew Back, Michael Metz, G.Wheeler, H.Cook, R.Little, N.Parkinson, J.Kastelan, M.Brown, C.
32-Nov-2021Volumetric Response of Limited Brain Metastatic Disease to Focal Hypofractionated Radiation TherapyWijetunga, Asanka RJayamanne, Dasantha Adams, JessicaBack, Michael 
49-Jun-2021Redo craniotomy or bevacizumab for symptomatic steroid-refractory true or pseudoprogression following IMRT for glioblastomaCook, Theresa A Jayamanne, Dasantha Wong, Matthew Cove, Nicola Back, Michael Wheeler, H.Parkinson, J.Cook, R. J.Kastelan, M. A.Brown, C.
5Mar-2020The role of large volume re-irradiation with Bevacizumab in chemorefractory high grade gliomaWong, Matthew Jayamanne, Dasantha Back, Michael Chan, J.Wheeler, H.Khasraw, M.Kastelan, M.Guo, L.
6Jun-2019Reflecting on survivorship outcomes to aid initial decision making in patients treated for IDH-mutated anaplastic gliomaJayamanne, Dasantha Wong, Matthew Back, Michael Back, E.Kastelan, M.Khasraw, M.Brown, C.Wheeler, H.
7May-2019Role of delayed salvage bevacizumab at symptomatic progression of chemorefractory glioblastomaCuncannon, Moire Wong, Matthew Jayamanne, Dasantha Cove, Nicola Back, Michael Guo, L.Wheeler, H.
8Apr-2019Influence of molecular classification in anaplastic glioma for determining outcome and future approach to managementBack, Michael Jayamanne, Dasantha Wong, Matthew Brazier, D.Newey, A.Bailey, D.Schembri, GHsiao, E.Khasraw, M.Kastelan, M.Guo, L.Clarke, S.Wheeler, H.
9Apr-2019Focal radiation therapy for limited brain metastases is associated with high rates of local control and low subsequent whole brain radiation therapyJayamanne, Dasantha Stevens, Mark Back, Michael Or, M.Guo, L.Parkinson, J.Cook, R.Little, N.
10Apr-2019Pattern of failure in anaplastic glioma patients with an IDH1/2 mutationBack, Michael Jayamanne, Dasantha Wong, Matthew Brazier, D.Newey, A.Bailey, D.Schembri, G.Hsiao, E.Khasraw, M.Kastelan, M.Brown, C.Wheeler, H.
11Dec-2018FET PET in the evaluation of indeterminate brain lesions on MRI: Differentiating glioma from other non-neoplastic causes - A pilot studyBack, Michael Jayamanne, Dasantha Chan, D.L.Hsiao, E.Schembri, G.Bailey, D.Roach, P.J.Lee, A.Ghasemzadeh, M.Hayes, A.R.Cook, R.Parkinson, J.Drummond, J.P.Ibbett, I.Wheeler, H.
12Nov-2018Tumour volume reduction following PET guided intensity modulated radiation therapy and temozolomide in IDH mutated anaplastic gliomaBack, Michael Jayamanne, Dasantha Brazier, D.Bailey, D.Hsiao, E.Guo, L.Wheeler, H.
13Oct-2018Optimising Outcomes for Glioblastoma through Subspecialisation in a Regional Cancer CentreBack, Michael Jayamanne, Dasantha Wong, Matthew Cove, N.Wheeler, H.Khasraw, M.Guo, L.Back, J.
14Sep-2018Understanding the Revised Fourth Edition of the World Health Organization Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System (2016) for Clinical Decision-making: A Guide for Oncologists Managing Patients with GliomaBack, Michael Jayamanne, Dasantha Rodriguez, M.Khasraw, M.Lee, A.Wheeler, H.
15Jayamanne-2018-Predicting patterns of failure.pdf.jpgJul-2018Predicting patterns of failure in temporal lobe GBMs: Possible implications on radiotherapy treatment portalsJayamanne, Dasantha Back, Michael Wheeler, H.Brazier, D.Newey, A.Kastelan, M.Guo, L.
16Jul-2018Utilizing 18F-fluoroethyltyrosine (FET) positron emission tomography (PET) to define suspected nonenhancing tumor for radiation therapy planning of glioblastomaJayamanne, Dasantha Back, Michael Hayes, A.R.Hsiao, E.Schembri, G.Bailey, D.Roach, P.J.Khasraw, M.Newey, A.Wheeler, H.
17Mar-2018Survival improvements with adjuvant therapy in patients with glioblastomaJayamanne, Dasantha Back, Michael Wheeler, H.Cook, R.Teo, C.Brazier, D.Schembri, G.Kastelan, M.Guo, L.
18Feb-2018Utilizing 18F-fluoroethyl-l-tyrosine positron emission tomography in high grade glioma for radiation treatment planning in patients with contraindications to MRIJayamanne, Dasantha Back, Michael Kaushal, Sneha Chan, D.L.Schembri, G.Brazier, D.Bailey, D.Wheeler, H.
19Jul-2017Survival Outcomes of Elderly Patients With Glioblastoma Multiforme in Their 75th Year or Older Treated With Adjuvant TherapyBack, Michael Jayamanne, Dasantha Harris, G.Wheeler, H.Gzell, C.Kastelan, M.Schembri, G.Brazier, D.Cook, R.Parkinson, J.Khasraw, M.Louw, S.