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Dasantha Jayamanne
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Jayamanne, Dasantha
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2022Large tumour volume reduction of IDH-mutated anaplastic glioma involving the insular region following radiotherapyJayamanne, Dasantha ; Wong, Matthew ; Back, Michael 
22-Nov-2021Volumetric Response of Limited Brain Metastatic Disease to Focal Hypofractionated Radiation TherapyWijetunga, Asanka R; Jayamanne, Dasantha ; Adams, Jessica; Back, Michael 
39-Jun-2021Redo craniotomy or bevacizumab for symptomatic steroid-refractory true or pseudoprogression following IMRT for glioblastomaCook, Theresa A ; Jayamanne, Dasantha ; Wong, Matthew ; Cove, Nicola ; Back, Michael 
4Mar-2020The role of large volume re-irradiation with Bevacizumab in chemorefractory high grade gliomaWong, Matthew ; Jayamanne, Dasantha ; Back, Michael 
5Jun-2019Reflecting on survivorship outcomes to aid initial decision making in patients treated for IDH-mutated anaplastic gliomaJayamanne, Dasantha ; Wong, Matthew ; Back, Michael 
6May-2019Role of delayed salvage bevacizumab at symptomatic progression of chemorefractory glioblastomaCuncannon, Moire ; Wong, Matthew ; Jayamanne, Dasantha ; Cove, Nicola ; Back, Michael 
7Apr-2019Pattern of failure in anaplastic glioma patients with an IDH1/2 mutationBack, Michael ; Jayamanne, Dasantha ; Wong, Matthew 
8Apr-2019Influence of molecular classification in anaplastic glioma for determining outcome and future approach to managementBack, Michael ; Jayamanne, Dasantha ; Wong, Matthew 
9Apr-2019Focal radiation therapy for limited brain metastases is associated with high rates of local control and low subsequent whole brain radiation therapyJayamanne, Dasantha ; Stevens, Mark ; Back, Michael 
10Dec-2018FET PET in the evaluation of indeterminate brain lesions on MRI: Differentiating glioma from other non-neoplastic causes - A pilot studyBack, Michael ; Jayamanne, Dasantha 
11Nov-2018Tumour volume reduction following PET guided intensity modulated radiation therapy and temozolomide in IDH mutated anaplastic gliomaBack, Michael ; Jayamanne, Dasantha 
12Oct-2018Optimising Outcomes for Glioblastoma through Subspecialisation in a Regional Cancer CentreBack, Michael ; Jayamanne, Dasantha ; Wong, Matthew 
13Sep-2018Understanding the Revised Fourth Edition of the World Health Organization Classification of Tumours of the Central Nervous System (2016) for Clinical Decision-making: A Guide for Oncologists Managing Patients with GliomaBack, Michael ; Jayamanne, Dasantha 
14Jul-2018Predicting patterns of failure in temporal lobe GBMs: Possible implications on radiotherapy treatment portalsJayamanne, Dasantha ; Back, Michael 
15Jul-2018Utilizing 18F-fluoroethyltyrosine (FET) positron emission tomography (PET) to define suspected nonenhancing tumor for radiation therapy planning of glioblastomaJayamanne, Dasantha ; Back, Michael 
16Mar-2018Survival improvements with adjuvant therapy in patients with glioblastomaJayamanne, Dasantha ; Back, Michael 
17Feb-2018Utilizing 18F-fluoroethyl-l-tyrosine positron emission tomography in high grade glioma for radiation treatment planning in patients with contraindications to MRIJayamanne, Dasantha ; Back, Michael ; Kaushal, Sneha 
18Jul-2017Survival Outcomes of Elderly Patients With Glioblastoma Multiforme in Their 75th Year or Older Treated With Adjuvant TherapyBack, Michael ; Jayamanne, Dasantha