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1Jan-2021Thrombus Migration and Fragmentation After Intravenous Alteplase Treatment: The INTERRSeCT StudyEvans, James W Ohara, T.Menon, B.K.Al-Ajlan, F.S.Horn, M.Najm, M.Al-Sultan, A.Puig, J.Dowlatshahi, D.Calleja Sanz, A.I.Sohn, S.I.Ahn, S.H.Poppe, A.Y.Mikulik, R.Asdaghi, N.Field, T.S.Jin, A.Asil, T.Boulanger, J.M.Letteri, F.Dey, S.Goyal, M.Hill, M.D.Almekhlafi, M.Demchuk, A.M.
2Dec-2021Telestroke Assessment With Perfusion CT Improves the Diagnostic Accuracy of Stroke vs. MimicEvans, James W O'Brien, Bill Tran, L.Lin, L.Spratt, N.J.Bivard, A.Chew, B.L.A.Levi, C.Ang, T.Alanati, K.Pepper, E.Garcia-Esperon, C.Parsons, M.
3Jul-2020Sleep and orexin: A new paradigm for understanding behavioural-variant frontotemporal dementia?Hwang, Yun Tae Piguet, O.Hodges, John RGrunstein, R.Burrell, J.R.
4Feb-2018Preoperative Botulinum toxin A enabling defect closure and laparoscopic repair of complex ventral herniaTomazini Martins, Rodrigo Rodriguez-Acevedo, O.Elstner, K.E.Jacombs, A.S.W.Read, J.W.Arduini, F.Wehrhahm, M.Craft, C.Cosman, P.H.Dardano, A.N.Ibrahim, N.
5Feb-2018Post-Stroke Sleep-Disordered Breathing—Pathophysiology and Therapy OptionsTomazini Martins, Rodrigo Stevens, D.Mukherjee, S.Vakulin, A.
6Apr-2021The Need for Structured Strategies to Improve Stroke Care in a Rural Telestroke Network in Northern New South Wales, Australia: An Observational StudyO'Brien, Bill Kashida, Y.T.Garcia-Esperon, C.Lillicrap, T.Miteff, F.Garcia-Bermejo, P.Gangadharan, S.Chew, B.L.A.Evans, J.Alanati, K.Bivard, A.Parsons, M.Majersik, J.J.Spratt, N.J.Levi, C.
7Sep-2019Implementation of multimodal computed tomography in a telestroke network: Five-year experienceO'Brien, Bill Evans, James W Garcia-Esperon, C.Soderhjelm Dinkelspiel, F.Miteff, F.Gangadharan, S.Wellings, T.Lillicrap, T.Demeestere, J.Bivard, A.Parsons, M.Levi, C.Spratt, N.J.
8Aug-2017Hydrodisplacement of sural nerve for safety and efficacy of endovenous thermal ablation for small saphenous vein incompetenceTomazini Martins, Rodrigo Rodriguez-Acevedo, O.Elstner, K.E.Martinic, K.Zea, A.Diaz, J.Arduini, F.Hodgkinson, A.Ibrahim, N.
92018Gait in normal pressure hydrocephalus: characteristics and effects of the CSF tap testTomazini Martins, Rodrigo Souza, R.K.M.Rocha, S.F.B.Kowacs, P.A.Ramina, R.
10Jun-2022Diagnostic Utility of Computed Tomography Perfusion in the Telestroke SettingEvans, James W O'Brien, Bill Arora, K.Gaekwad, A.Ang, T.Garcia-Esperson, C.Blair, C.Edwards, L.S.Chew, B.L.A.Delcourt, C.Spratt, N.J.Parsons, M.W.Butcher, K.S.
11Nov-2019Comparison of different methods of thrombus permeability measurement and impact on recanalization in the INTERRSeCT multinational multicenter prospective cohort studyEvans, James W Gensicke, H.Al-Ajlan, F.S.Dowlatshahi, D.Najm, M.Calleja, A.L.Puig, J.Sohn, S.L.Ahn, S.H.Poppe, A.Y.Mikulik, R.Asdaghi, N.Field, T.S.Jin, A.Asil, T.Boulanger, J.M.Hill, M.D.Goyal, M.Demchuk, A.M.Menon, B.K.
12Aug-2018Calcified cerebral emboli: Incidence and implicationsBardon, Miguel Hanson, Julian O'Brien, Bill Naeem, Adil 
13May-2016Breath-to-breath reflex modulation of genioglossus muscle activity in obstructive sleep apneaTomazini Martins, Rodrigo Carberry, J.C.Eckert, D.J.
14Jul-2017Brainstem phenotype of cathepsin A-related arteriopathy with strokes and leukoencephalopathyHwang, Yun Tae Lakshmanan, R.Davagnanam, I.Thompson, A.G.B.Lynch, D.S.Houlden, H.Bajaj, N.Eriksson, S.H.Bamiou, D.E.Warren, J.D.
15Aug-2018Accuracy and Reliability of Multiphase CTA Perfusion for Identifying Ischemic CoreEvans, James W Reid, M.Famuyide, A.O.Forkert, N.D.Sahand Talai, A.Sitaram, A.Hafeez, M.Najm, M.Menon, B.K.Demchuk, A.Goyal, M.Gupta Sah, R.