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Credit Name
Philopatir Mikhail
Full Name
Mikhail, Philopatir
Mikhail, Philo
Main Affilation
Central Coast Local Health District
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2023"Distal Radial First": Primary Access for Coronary Angiography and InterventionsCasinader, Sanjeev; Easey, Kelly; Mikhail, Philopatir ; Said, Christian ; May, Austin N ; Scott, David ; Boyle, Andrew; Ford, Tom 
2Jan-2023Challenges in the management of post-pericardiotomy syndromesMikhail, Philopatir ; Spina, Roberto 
39-Oct-2022Coronary perforation incidence, outcomes and temporal trends (COPIT): a systematic review and meta-analysisMikhail, Philopatir ; Howden, Nicklas ; Monjur, Mohammad; Jeyaprakash, Prajith; Said, Christian ; Bland, Adam ; Collison, Damien; McCartney, Peter; Adamson, Carly; Morrow, Andrew; Carrick, David; McEntegart, Margaret; Ford, Tom 
416-Aug-2022Early-onset post-cardiotomy severe constrictive pericarditis: a case reportMikhail, Philopatir ; Meere, William ; Howden, Nicklas ; Spina, Roberto 
510-Jan-2022Acetylcholine (Re)challenge: From Diagnosis to Targeted TherapyFord, Tom ; Mikhail, Philopatir 
68-Sep-2021Investigating the efficacy of chest pressure for direct current cardioversion in atrial fibrillation: a randomised control trial protocol (Pressure-AF)Mikhail, Philopatir 
7Jul-2021Proteasome inhibitor-induced coronary vasospasm in multiple myeloma: A case reportRogers, James ; Forsyth, Cecily J ; Ford, Tom ; Mikhail, Philopatir